So far, so good.

This isn’t my first attempt at selling my wares. Last year when I started Three Black Dots, I was doing everything: designing, printing and posting. Not to mention the buying of paper, ink and cutting out the artwork…oh the endless cutting out! I’m not saying that it wasn’t enjoyable or that selling my work didn’t fill me with joy. It did, but it didn’t fill my pockets with money and no matter how much I enjoyed my endeavours and told myself it’s “not all about the cash” I was spending more than I was earning…way more! So after Christmas of 2012 I packed all of my paper, envelopes and scalpels and conceded defeat.

Three weeks ago ( Wednesday 4th September 2013 to be precise) a friend told me about Redbubble. No printing. No posting. Most of all no cutting out…

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