I am an art appreciator, I still wouldn’t classify myself as an artist quite yet because I only stumbled upon photography through my dear friends and still see myself as a student of photography rather than a photographer.

Thankyou for taking the time to come across these parts of RB and looking at my portfolio, I hope you like. Don’t feel bad about leaving critique, I would love a bit more as it happens, so that I can improve.

Ta Ra x

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Want to know what i'm eating right now?

I just rediscovered my twitter :p http://twitter.com/thisisharmony
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New Stuff

Hey guys, / recently i worked with a model for the very first time (Jessica Ebho) and created some images that were quite different. Wondered what you guys thought of my attempts at fashion/beauty styled stuff. / Would love to hear your opinions / Love Love / Ms Summer
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Working with a Legend :D

OK, so who’s ever had those inspired days and nobody to shoot with raises hand timidly. / Thats where Lollipoppins comes in :-) / Soon to come will be photos including guitars, wedding dresses, fields, trees, tummies, girls and the lark / Watch this space :-)
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