I am an “average” teenager ;D i like computers, and video games… I also enjoy using Photoshop.

Frankly i am a big Sony Fan and you should see this in my work :)

Also if you have any requests, feel free to message me. I will gladly alter my work to your hearts content (of course this is only if I have the skills to what you want me to). I save all of my works so that shouldn’t be a problem ^^

I’m just another student, in another school that is another one of those people that takes interest in comedy and gaming, so I will attempt to combine the two in my works for nothing more than my personal interest. Feel free to favourite and buy the work if you wish, if not I just hope you enjoy it :)

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Hey not posting much at the moment due to exams, but i will be at it once they are over :) just an update for people who are following me :)
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