Deja Vu - I'm Back

I may have done this before since I first joined RB back in 2009 – oh well never mind. I came back in December 2012 and deleted my entire portfolio anyway and have since started uploading a brand new one. So here I am a part-time stock photographer, part-time writer and part-time consultant in various, spurious professions.

Catch up with me on Twitter @humanpilot – I’m not one of those twitter tw*ts who posts stuff they copied off a cheap calendar, I pitch my business of course but there is humor and the odd tidbit of invaluable information about life, photography, writing,cinema and goldfish.

By the way, if you like Hammer horror films, old b-movies and creature features and anything to do with Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee then we’ll get along like two ants in a blob of honey.

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