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The Hamster Drawing by theyellowfury

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I’ve been at this a long time and I’m so happy to have it completed. I have explanations for everything but I decided I’d let you folks artistically interpret it for a while. What do you reckon?

100% Hand drawn in HB and 2B

And here are some of the interpretations

The sun is an expression of your full creative potential – the fully-realised self – the upper tree to me looks like a representation of the brain, with it’s left and right hemispheres joined in the middle, and connected to the trunk (spinal column) of the ‘self’ – reaching into the collective unconcious of the earth, and your heart, your core emotional self, at the point where they merge.

Then it comes out the “interpretation” from a symbolism, that is really inherent to the piece.
The Tree…the Being.
Sound, Straight, Exuberant,
sort of a tight pressed Being, against the background.
Even you have created a perfect space softened by a blurring mist and two distant objects. For me…it is a bit suffocating.
The Sun…whimsical character here….like a woman dressed as man, doing a strip-tease show.The Idea… metaphorical, is that feeling inside , of the Cosmic Father containing much of the feminine and that once in a while is stripped of his boastful manner of doing things, and trying to reach to the cool earth..It seems that is not the tree the one needed of the feeding , nurturing sun, but the sun needed of the fresh branching of the tree. To the point of letting his rays be falling like coquette petals of a sunflower. Calling thus, his attention.
Spliting brain…not splitting at all. Just a harmonic consciousness of the brain division…very important in all the work.From there is the creativity of the artistic expression. Intellect is not dueling between the two sides, but profiting of their differences.
The Action. Queer. The Essence’s action is coming from two points. To the right (which is your left really) Yang drive. The rigid and ancestral organization of a hive. The reason well administered, managed. They bees, thoughts, seem to be there free going. False. They work in a perfect machine organization. Nothing is out of the system.
Left. The symbolism of the intuition, feminine, lunar, side. The hamster is trapped. In a sort of Wheel of Fortune, The feminine, lunar side is trying to advance to the future, but is dominated by inertia. And a humble bee is encouraging his coming out. She is a dissident….dissidence of our own thoughts and reasoning, sometimes is a great punch to our ego-centered jail of the intellect.
And at last!!!
The clockwork heart!. An extraordinary piece of art, that believe me is the most melodramatic, or theatrical object of all the piece. It is a fake. Yes.. is it a protection.. an icon of your tender emotional sensibility. You prefer to show yourself like a methodic and sort of mechanical emotional being… in order to protect your demands. I this way the souls that may reach you, will not beleive that you are let’s say, Easily captured?

-Rosa Cobos

And what I was thinking myself, well basically like a lot of my work its a self portrait. Particularly my brain and heart. I never draw a brain without eyeballs for two reasons. They’re technically part of the brain and I think they’re cool.
The hornets’ nest represents the rational multitasking side and the hamster represents my single minded creative side.
I really wanted to draw a real looking human heart but decided it’d be too hard to get right. A clockwork one was the second option so I butchered an old printer to get some cogs to draw around.
I have incorporated human style heart valves into this design.

Its from a drawing I did in an old notebook round the 2002 mark. I spent as much time erasing as I did laying stuff down to keep the white clean. You have to mind your tonal range when you’re working with pencil. I think that’s it more or less.

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Detail shots

Copyright © 2009 Simon Deevy. Copying and displaying or redistribution of this image or text without permission from the artist is strictly prohibited.

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  • Carmen  Cilliers
    Carmen Cilliersover 5 years ago

    Wow. Well at first glance I think there is an eclipse and mr moon is covering the sun, hence the ‘broken rays’… then clearly the hornets are disturbed by the sudden break in their day and are about to create a big stir while the hamster like the human is virtually oblivious as it continues to run about his daily mundane business until the inevitable is avoided. Seems to me a dam fine metaphor of the state of affairs at the moment. One hornet is trying to warn him, but the problem is the hamster isn’t afraid of one… oh and all the while the cogs of time are turning as nature takes it’s course.

    Hope you don’t mind my interpretation. What an inspiring drawing!

  • Thank you very much. It could very well be all that. I didn’t put in a moon but I wish I had thought of it now. I like the way you recognized the hornets, what brought you to that instead of wasps?

    – theyellowfury

  • lightsmith
    lightsmithover 5 years ago

    It is the tree of life and the effects of global warming.
    Some of us just trundle round and round in the daily grind like a hamster. Others buzz madly like angry bees. Meanwhile, at the root of it, lies technology, like a bio-tech clock counting the days until the tree of life splits and we all perish.

  • Thanks for your thoughts. I spose it could be that too.

    – theyellowfury

    PERUGINAover 5 years ago

    whatever it is that you have tried to convey here.. its beauty is in the finer details. Your skills in drawing – awesome!

  • Thank you very much. Good to see you.

    – theyellowfury

  • Carmen  Cilliers
    Carmen Cilliersover 5 years ago

    Because the saying goes “to stir the hornets nest” and as you are clearly using metaphors, symbols and colloquilisms I sort of just assumed. Maybe I have deeper insight woohoo – nah, just an automatic assumption. What is with the splitting of the tree, is that like the splitting of ourslelves, abandoning old and new, shadow self vs personality? Just wondering, I favourited this… I really think it has been amazingly thought through.

  • I never meant to split the tree, is it at the fork you mean? It just kinda turned out like that.

    – theyellowfury

  • Ohh, at the top, I get you now, that’s ummm, I’m sure there’s some word for it. Well it turns out that this particular type of tree always has that split in it. Its a representation of something.

    – theyellowfury

  • Carmen  Cilliers
    Carmen Cilliersover 5 years ago

    Below the sun/moon beard.

    hey – love your reference to the board of directors… I have similar happening and you know what just can’t get the fxxxing employees to obey – doesn’t matter what i bribe them with ;) !

  • Ah the beard, a bit of an afterthought that.
    They do what I tell them on this ship

    – theyellowfury

  • Carmen  Cilliers
    Carmen Cilliersover 5 years ago

    Looks a bit pervy.

  • Carmen  Cilliers
    Carmen Cilliersover 5 years ago

    LOL – now that you are umming!

  • Pervy? I was going for sinister. Hahahaha

    – theyellowfury

  • Carmen  Cilliers
    Carmen Cilliersover 5 years ago

    Sinister and Pervy can be the same thing depending on taste LOL. Well, it’s a pervy sinister tree, perhaps you should delete these last two comments, not sure I want the rest of the world knowing the way my sick pervy sinister dirty mind operates.

  • Too late. I’ve never deleted a comment before and I’m not starting now. But thanks for all the comments. I dig them.

    – theyellowfury

  • Paul  Carlyle
    Paul Carlyleover 5 years ago

    ok … ! Firstly – i’m totally blown away by this, and suddenly very flattered at the attention you pay my work..!
    I read tarot cards, and adore symbolism – to me this has the resonance of a tarot card, so i’m looking at it partly from that perspective…
    the sun is an expression of your full creative potential – the fully-realised self – the upper tree to me looks like a representation of the brain, with it’s left and right hemispheres joined in the middle, and connected to the trunk (spinal column) of the ‘self’ – reaching into the collective unconcious of the earth, and your heart, your core emotional self, at the point where they merge.
    The position of the wasp’s nest and the hamster, beneath the “brain”, to me suggests they exist in your own unconcious – your deeper issues and motivations.
    So what I’m seeing here is a a symbolic image of you at your creative peak – your higher creative self feeding directly into your mind – creating a ‘buzz’ – stirring up activity in your subconcious, and thereby engaging your heart energy, putting you in touch with your essential self ….
    There ya go … ?? Cheers mate. Love it.

  • Fucking fantastic, absolutely spot on almost. The Hamster and hornets are there firstly because I never draw a brain without eyeballs. And while they’re representing those they’re also representing the creative, instinctive, innocent side which thinks sequentially and single mindedly on the right, for focusing concentration on one thing. And on the left the rational multitasking side which is altogether more badass and grownup, less naive and dreamy.
    Of course the right is on our left and vice versa here because we’re looking at me head-on. Thanks man, see you round.

    – theyellowfury

  • Paul  Carlyle
    Paul Carlyleover 5 years ago

    P.s – love the wasp and the hamster eyeballing each other – the left and right brain meeting …. cool.

  • He’s just over having a look at the hamster. I thought it normal for one to want to do that. Maybe he’s having a chat. Nice angle.

    – theyellowfury

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