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Artwork: cLeaving Home

I couldn’t be bothered scanning this, its on A2. Try getting that through an A4 scanner and you’ll become very annoyed and you might crease your paper too. I couldn’t get a decent shot of it either so I stuck my finger over the flash and that kinda worked but/and gave it a red hue.
Hopefully I’ll never get the chance to scan it because its been accepted into the Blueberry Gallery and it’ll be on display next week.

Copyright © 2010 Simon Deevy. Copying and displaying or redistribution of this image or text without permission from the artist is prohibited.


  • RosaCobos
    RosaCobosover 4 years ago

    Haven’t your camera a white corrector program…there is a a point for flash shooting and it eliminates the red colour, and make it colder.
    Well…what to say, Simon..first of all happy to see a new work of yours.
    And then…
    I am the little flower leaving home..
    I left many years ago, uprooted as she is,
    and the big bird was my dear young and ready to marry man.
    holding those two wedding rings in his peak.
    Quite imposing…the old home is tumbling down,
    while the little eyes of the door are sadly looking my going.
    It is a really poetic work..and I am still leaving,
    but gladly enough that that shadow is weaker and weaker now…
    and the seeds of my womb….have created thousand homes since then.
    Rosa (I love it…much, Simon)

  • Gracias Rosa, I love that you’ve seen so much in this you can relate to. Its a personal story but the little flower leaving home is spot on. Three of the characters represent people I know (the magpie’s an actual magpie out here in the ‘real’ world) and I have as much time for her as I have you (a lot of time) And she’s blonde like you and very nice like you too. I hope you found a good place to put your roots down and may all your shadows be light and temporary.
    Yeah I guess I could have done a better job on the photo but whatcha gonna do?

    – theyellowfury

  • Soxy Fleming
    Soxy Flemingover 4 years ago

    well it looks great, even though it didn’t fit in the scanner (and I crumpled paper in my scanner all the time) hope someone snaps it up!

  • Thanks Soxy. The gallery owner told me he wanted to see some really crisp white paper or he wouldn’t show it.

    – theyellowfury

  • ab-type
    ab-typeover 4 years ago

    most excellent!!!!
    you are in need for some lessons in photography! LOL
    ;-) xox

  • Thanks. Its not a great camera and time was at a premium. And I had a head full of fuck this shit

    – theyellowfury

  • ab-type
    ab-typeover 4 years ago

    oh yeees, a head full of fuck this shit can be very frustrating.
    all the best with it. ;-) xox

  • Well sometimes you just gotta cut your losses. I’m thrilled its going on a wall and its not gonna make me any money here so why bother going to all the trouble? I brought it over to the gallery almost as soon as I had finished it so didn’t have much time. Maybe I’ll get a photog buddy to snap it next week.

    – theyellowfury

  • missyjennyb
    missyjennybover 4 years ago

    awesomely detailed artwork!

  • Thanks Jen. I was told by the gallery owner to try and keep it simple this time but I just can’t :)

    – theyellowfury

  • ab-type
    ab-typeover 4 years ago

  • Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

    – theyellowfury

  • Keith Reesor
    Keith Reesorover 4 years ago

    Fantastic Simon!! Congrats!! :)

  • Thanks Keith, good to see you out tonight

    – theyellowfury

  • mstrace
    mstraceover 4 years ago

    this is mindblowingly disturby gorgeous…it alters your mind just to look at it (in a good kinda way).

  • © Karin  Taylor
    © Karin Taylorover 4 years ago

    congratulations it’s brilliant……it’s so 3D i can’t get over it…you are one clever dude! :)

  • Thank you so much Karin. I can’t really see it now and I had to check it for errors in the mirror, ever get one of those?

    – theyellowfury