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I just deleted my Zazzle account

At least I think I did.
I’m on about 20 different art sites but once I found RB I knew what site I wanted to be active on. Zazzle was my first foray into the (futile) world of hocking my shit online. I never go near it anymore and I have all my Zazzle new product alert mails forwarded straight to trash. The interface itself is as big an exercise in time wasting as Farmville. I do not like that site, its shite, I do not like it Sam I am.

There’s this fucker who puts up several new products every day, they’re all shit, He has over 10000 and counting. I only watchlisted him because he watchlisted me. I decided two days ago I wasn’t going to waste data anymore and I’d leave the site altogether so logged in, looked around, they don’t make it easy.
A Google search turned up the answer, you have to send a mail that contains your username and the email address to customer support and tell them you want to leave.

Simple enough I thought, until a mail came in tonight stating:
To terminate your account, simply send an e-mail to that contains your username and the email address that you submitted when you created your account. Once you’ve done so, a member of our Support Team will queue your account to be deleted along with the next batch of account removals.

Ummmm, that’s exactly what I read and did two days ago. Are they totally fucking stupid? Or do they think I am?
I deleted all my products, managed to find the notification bit in my account settings and turned everything I could find off.
Spose I’ll have to wait and see what happens,

This isn’t the first time either. Take this example from November 6, 2008

There’s this adult content filter (you’ve probably seen it) that needs credit card authorization that I’m over 18, it doesn’t work.
I sent a mail to support, I couldn’t use my home one as the page repeatedly told me that my email address was already registered (?) so I used my work email and it took it right enough. About two weeks later I got a mail in work from one MarkS who told me almost word for word what was on the page that I read and quoted him from already, that all I had to do was enter my credit card number etc etc.
I replied in the manner of a man who was already having a bad day and who’s reasonably sarcastic most of the time:

Dear Mark,
Thank you for your lovely mail.
If you had read my mail properly you would have seen that that’s exactly what I have been doing and its not working.
I continued to bloody his nose in a flamboyant display of sarcasm, I’m not quite sure what I wrote but it was funny and I was proud. There was no reply
I sent one mail to their main support page explaining the situation and with a brief apology to the chromasome-lacking MarkS but have had no reply to that yet.
They do have a staggering amount of products and features and it could be a good commercial platform but once I found this place I was sold. When someone comments on my Zazzle stuff I redirect them to my page here.
Take that Mark you cretin

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