Perhaps an OBE

This is a record of a “lucid” dream I had, and could possibly could be considered an astral projection. This is open and welcome to interpretation. Thank you for reading if you do, because it’s a little long. >.<

I think I did it. It was very realistic and I knew I was awake. At some points I could hear the TV in the other room. But now that I reflect on what I saw, it was more like a dream, and I thought I was awake. The places I and things I saw are not current when compared to reality or other OBE cases. Also, I am gradually forgetting.

The earliest part, I was more in a garden. I had the memories of what was going to happen, like I had seen a movie a long time ago. It was set up the same but things happened differently because I knew they were going to happen. Wait, first, we were in a bed, a small bunk bed of sorts. Ryan was there and we were trying to fit, but couldn’t fit in this bed. It was very uncomfortable, but like in a dream, this was reality to me. There were all sorts of toys that I liked around the bed. There was a screen on the bottom of the top of the bunk bed, and we were trying to play music on it. I recognized the album covers and it was techno-like, but I didn’t know the bands in real life. Ryan and I were stressed out and very uncomfortable in this bed. We were arguing about something, and the bed was falling apart.

At some point, I knew I was asleep. So at some point, I was very lucid, waking in the middle of a dream. I really thought I was having an OBE, but the more I look back on it, well, it doesn’t seem real, more like a dream. In the dream, it was very real to me.I was at school at some point. There was a windowed-wall to one of the front offices, and on the window, people I used to know had taped messages to me. They were affirming and sweet messages of hope and love, about how they were missing me and were wishing me luck for the future, how much of a great person I was. I think I remember them saying something about me going to New York, like “good luck in New York.” I remember thinking that I should have kept these with me and not left them behind, as if they were from the past. I was helping a couple people there clean up the office, which was now more like a scooter store. They sold cheap vehicles in small little boxes, as big as a disposable camera box. I remember even looking and considering getting a 20$ car. But, I thought, it would probably break and wouldn’t be worth the money. It inflated somehow, or that is how I recalled how it worked. There was a crabby old woman who was the shop owner. The business didn’t seem to be doing well for itself. I don’t remember much more about the shop and I left soon after.As I was leaving, just out the door, there was a boy whose face I can no longer recall. He had strange eyes. Anyway, I think he had been looking for me. He handed me a picture and said “This is for you.” It was a piece of paper with art that looked like a child had painted it with water colors. It had brown on the ground and there was a tree in the center, without many leaves on it. It was mostly trunk and branches and the artist had drawn little flowers. I noticed that I was carrying a bag then, embarrassingly, the genuine leather bag from the TV commercials. There were other things in there, including some of the poster messages from the window wall. I put it in there and set out to explore.Outside the building I was leaving was a garden and the path led out into an even bigger garden, but everything seemed underground, or inside a building. I don’t remember the sky, not yet. Everything was glowing a very bright light green. At the time, I thought it was very beautiful, but when I look back, it was a bit gaudy. There were several streams of water flowing down from above. Ok, first I was trying to fly. I leapt out over the water, the pond in front of the building, knowing I wouldn’t plunge. I jumped, to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. I landed right on the surface, and then bounced up and was more able to control my flying with concentration. I was floating up and I hit one of the streams of water with my hand and was very surprised to feel how cold and wet it felt. “How real this is like” I said to myself. And then I thought of the one place I had been trying to go.I have such a bad memory, and I surely hope that I don’t forget what everything looked like. I want to keep the images in my head, print them into an imaginary photograph, to use to compare later on. It was so real, and yet, as I look back, exactly like a dream. I was awake, and aware that I was also asleep in my bed. I was trying hard not to remember so that I wouldn’t wake up. So I thought “Take me to Kyle.” And as I thought it, I started moving somewhere. The between was almost a minute and it was like being in some kind of pressure chamber. I felt the pressure all over my and pressing on my face and eyes. It was completely black and I almost thought I was back in my body. But then, slowly, things became clear. More like images slowly emerging.He didn’t look at all how I remembered, but it was him. He was sleeping in a twin bed that was too small for him. I called for him, expecting him to be surprised to see me. But it he didn’t seem surprised, he seemed tired, or drunk. So if this was real, he was still sleeping. He seemed to recognize me, and I suddenly became self conscious, wondering how I looked in the astral plane. His hair was really short and his face was different. He seemed so human and flawed and normal. He was wearing pajama pants and his feat dangled over the edge of the bed. I was more like floating around. The room had lots of books, and at first the place seemed really small and more like a dorm room, but after we started getting up and moving around, the place changed and spread out into tiers and hallways leading elsewhere.

I was trying to wake him; he was awake, but unexcited as I was that I had found him. He asked if I got the tree he sent me. I was surprised. He had sent me a message and I still had it in my bag. I didn’t think it was from him. I pulled it out of my bag and showed him, and he held the other end, nodding in confirmation that this was the one he had sent.

I wish I remember more about what was said. Anyway, he seemed to have an objective of some sort and wanted to leave quickly. He didn’t want to go down to the lower level and I soon found out why. While looking for an exit, I saw something that looked like the way he looked now, he had transformed into a being shorter and fatter and different. Perhaps it was someone else entirely, but I thought it was him. Anyway, the other being was another him, but scared and ugly, violently deformed. He was out to kill Kyle and had a huge butcher knife. Kyle was trying to run, and I remember the other him had tried to stab me, but to no affect at all. We started down a hallway and I turned to see his other following us. Earlier, just remembered now, I was trying to protect Kyle, and made the little demon pop. I distinctly remember, because I shut my eyes and willed him to pop. He made a cartoon popping sound too and I laughed at this, and I think Kyle was amused. But he came back later, when were in the hall, and bigger and angrier than before. He was morbidly obese. I tried popping him like before, but instead, when I opened my eyes, his other was skinny and handsome and blonde. He was still trying to come after us, and I stopped him, pulled him by the arm and said “Look, you’re no longer ugly, your a handsome prince, now go!” And the thing seemed relieved and left crying. It seemed like he had blamed Kyle for the way the entity looked. I don’t know, Kyle might have done something. But it seemed resolved for the time being. Then I went on down the hall, and he fell back distracted somewhere and I didn’t see him again. I wonder; I wonder.The hall led into a wider area, still under a tall roof of some kind, I think, but in a garden, with plants growing thickly all over the ground. There were a few paths drawn out here and there. There was a group of people, including many children waiting for me, or at least waiting. This was the scene that I had memories from before, like I had seen it all in a movie. It was an initiation for first OBEs. At first, there was a pretty little girl with a scowl and a sarcastic attitude, dressed in Victorian clothes. She said something to me, I can’t remember, but about a haunting or about the women I was to see; Madam ____ (can’t remember). I knew then there would be a small child, the age of a toddler, but she could speak as well as an adult. She also seemed to have a sarcastic attitude and was looked Filipino in origin (black hair, dark brown skin, slightly chubby). She was to lead me along the path. In the movie, the memory of them was happy, but here, this was a job and they were bored. She led me down and we came to a table next to a tent, and middle aged women in red came out and started getting ready. She was laying things out on the table, but said, “Oh, I need glue sticks” This felt like some kind of test, so I shut my eyes, and tried to will them into being. I saw the image of three long ones in a bundle, but when I opened my eyes, I only saw a few little bits. The woman seemed aggravated at this, and also seemed naturally impatient. I was nothing special or interesting to her, just another one. Well, anyway I don’t remember much after that, I think I left. I tried to go home.I thought of my apartment and thought of spying on Ryan gleefully when I got back. It was the same when traveling again, that uncomfortable dark pressure, and it lasted a long time. I thought I could hear the TV in the other room, and almost thought I was going to wake up. Instead, when things started to clear, I found myself in the backyard of the house Moriarty. This is where I saw the sky. I was looking for a clock, and at first I saw one clearly, but it kept flashing different times. Then I saw the sky and the stars were very bright and vivid, but in the center, and in two rows were two digital time clock in bright green. Weird, I thought. I walked up to the sunroom, recalling how cold and fresh the stones felt under my feet. I was thinking this was going to be fun, spying on them a bit. It was horrifying and disgusting, and now I really hope that it wasn’t real or at least that this was an alternate reality or some kind of projection. It was awful.The house was dark, and I went down the hall and stopped first and looked in my room. Along the hall wall was something like a couch and think blankets had been stacked there, high as my shoulder. In my room, it seemed wider and bigger and was also stacked full of blankets. I didn’t go in, thinking that I didn’t want to meet a negative entity there. I went back to my brother’s room, and found both of them there. My dad’s presence also seemed to be coming from the bedroom, but I didn’t see him. (My Dad doesn’t currently live with them) This was so disturbing, and I’m going to make it a dream, because if it’s true, I wouldn’t even know how to handle it. I walked in and my mother could see me. She was upset and angry and forced her fist in my face, like she wanted me to smell it. She was crying and mumbled something like “two hand jobs and one blowjob.” I thought at first, she was talking about what she had done with my dad, but then I saw my brother, crying, curled up, laying on his side, and his hands were tucked between his legs. I knew immediately. She had done this to Michael. I was infuriated. I started to argue with her, and I did not hide my disgust with the situation. She was trying to explain her reasons, but I could tell she felt confused and guilty. She wanted Michael to feel more secure and confident about himself. He should have girlfriends by now; she thought this would give him the tools to get one. I explained angrily that this only hindered just that, this would confuse him more than anything. He would never have a healthy relationship now because of her. She also did it because she was lonely. It was gross. I don’t remember even thinking something like this, but it almost makes sense, and is certainly plausible. But I really REALLY don’t want to believe it, and now that I’m awake, I can’t see it in her nature. If this isn’t true, I hope it doesn’t taint the way I see her. If it is true, how can I confront something like that?We didn’t finish arguing, because within a moment, I was back in my boding and fully awake. This time there wasn’t that pressured travel, just one moment I was arguing and angry with my mother, and the next I was sitting up in my bed, in the real world.This could have been an elaborate string of imaginary events stemming from my strong desire for an astral projection experience. Or this was an OBE, I was on the astral plane, and the reason it was so bazaar and distant from this reality, was because I have an overreacted imagination and project a great deal of things into the astral plane. At this point it is too difficult to tell, mainly because of how dream-like the events unfolded.If this was a case of astral projection, I really hope I can do it again, but with more realistic verification. 02-21-08

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