My aspiration is to become the ultimate dynamic creative machine.

  • Age: 27
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Perhaps an OBE

This is a record of a “lucid” dream I had, and could possibly could be considered an astral projection. This is open and welcome to interpretation. Thank you for reading if you do, because it’s a little long. >.< / I think I did it. It was very realistic and I knew I was awake. At some points I could hear the TV in the other room. But now that I reflect on what I saw, it w…
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Hello Red Bubble

I am under the impression, or at least the illusion, that I am reaching a place and time where I can be a functional artist and produce feats of interesting aesthetic entertainment for the general viewer. I can only hope and wish with my small will that whatever I happen will be warmly received and honestly liked. I’m still an amateur but I want to strive to be a creative monstrosity.
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