unique, curious, eccentric, reclusive….

I have difficulty professing to be an “artist”….

I am an explorer….people, faces, places. I take great pleasure in getting lost; between the lines, amongst the words and voices that I read. Music sustains me.

I am here to look and learn, to be inspired and to admire; visit as many of you as possible and hopefully grow a whole bunch from my stay with you….each and every one of you.


  • Joined: February 2010


RedBubble in Horoscopes....?

I don’t know much, if anything, about astrology….whether or not the stars and planets align a certain way at a certain time, and when they do what it means….exactly. / When I was younger I recall checking my Numbers in the back of a Women’s Magazine, a publication that I now shudder at the sight of. It’s difficult to miss- a nearly naked woman on the cover, anorexi…
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Since joining Red Bubble.....

I awoke feeling grateful / hopeful and / perhaps a bit dorky…yes / dorky / I awoke thinking of words / memories / writing… / my life / the twists and turns / it’s taken / over the years / I awoke thinking of Red Bubble / What? Stop laughing? / What’s that? Get a life? / I do have a life….I do / sometimes / so busy it makes my head spin / and I love that, it’…
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