I’m a motion designer and visual artist living in Brisbane Australia, that is also involved in research and teaching at Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

I have a keen interest in all visual arts across a number of disciplines and mediums, as well as a love of architecture and design. Have a look at my portfolio (Droppedrobots.com) to see some of my creations and to contact me.

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1st sale! :-)

Well i was starting to think that no one wants to wear my stuff. Thanks very much to the shopper!
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Attack!!! is one of the largest I’ve created thus far, in the image there is an attacking character, shown by the blue sections of the work, it almost looks like there is wings on his back aiding in his movement, there is a sword ready to be pulled out strapped to his, the red in behind him is the battle and the angled lines add to the overall movement and speed of the character.
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Blog info... :-)

Ok well I’m going to use this as a bit of further info on what I’ve created…. and any milestones and future creation concepts
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