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Tate ©

Yarraville, Australia

Mildly Controversial Design, Semi Amusing Story.

This is how the story goes…

The day I designed this tee,
I went out for a few beers where I showed my wife the design. She jokingly suggested how great it would be if the actor himself saw the design. I agreed.

So when I arrived at home late that night, after the aforementioned drinks, I jumped on the net and tried to track down any kind of contact information so as I could get him this design. I finally found the email for the actors publicist. Here is what I wrote…

Hi Susan,

I’ll cut to the chase…

I’m a small time designer in Melbourne Australia, I designed a t-shirt
with the likeness of Joaquin Phoenix on it, thought he’d get a kick
out of it, searched the net for contact details and ended up here.

Here’s the link… http://www.redbubble.com/people/thetatecreative/t-shirts/2768246-1-my-kinda-crazy

If these emails give you the shits, I apologise. If this is something
you think Joaquin will get a kick out of… excellent.

Thanks for your time and for reading this much of an anonymous guys


To which the reply, much to my excited disbelief, was…

I want this to wear and would love to get a couple more. Can I order
wholesale? Fantastic!!!


Dear Tate:

I am Joaquin’s publicist and I can’t wait to show him. He will get a
real kick out of seeing. Although he would never wear this (I don’t
think) I certainly can and will. I think it would get a lot of
attention if I wear because I am so deeply associated with him. I sent
you an earlier email which you will see down the list, but realized I
didn’t write you a proper note. Love Melbourne, I was there with Heath
Ledger who I also represented for years and put on the map here. Thanks
again Tate, love the shirts, genius. I would also be happy to let the
press here know that someone (you have done this. If you send me some I
will send out to mainstream press
So you can get plug. Love them. Hope to hear from you.


Obviously I was rapt. Here was my reply to her…

Hi Susan,

Wow, I never thought I’d get a reply! I figured agents and publicists
must get this sort of thing a lot… I’m stoked that you like it.

I can certainly get some made here and ship them to you. And wholesale
would be fine, just let me know how many you would like (Mens and/or
ladies and sizes) and we’ll work something out. Feel free to contact
me anytime.

Ah, you’ve made my week!

Great to hear from you.


To which she said…


I would like a large girls (fiitted one) and I’d like three large mens. Let me know. Thanks so much.


So I went about organising tees and worded up my screen printer. Here’s what I emailed her regarding the progress of her order…

Hey Susan,

I’ve just started to organise getting those printed just for you… They’ll be AU$25 ea, which works out to US$17.65 ea. Postage is on me. I’ll give you payment options when I send them off to you.

Very exciting.

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

Talk soon,


To which within minutes, replied…

I’ve got to decline these unfortunately. He was not at all amused and cautions u about using his unauthorized likeness. Sorry you had better not move forward trying to sell these Best Susan

The end.

Really, it’s not a ground breaking story, but you know… if you want to buy one anyway, here’s the link.

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