A stubby pencil, a flashlight, some ruled paper – they were my midnight comrades, as my six year old, pencil-clutching hand scrawled furiously. The words lay askew, dangling off the lines, hanging off the top and edging each other over.

I write. Among other things. About stories, journeys, worlds. Words take me away, far enough to escape and not as far as to lose myself entirely.

While I’ve been weaving words for more than a decade now, I find a Canon 450 D among my tools of trade; lying preciously, light glinting off its magnificent lens. An amateur awed by clever lighting and captured stories, I practice, experiment and dabble in photography.

My imagination is a scary place to be :)
Fair warning.

I now also have a flickr photostream – where I’m less selective about the pictures I post; which also means there are a lot more photographs on it.
If you have a moment, take a look

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