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Matt Dawdy

Matt Dawdy

Saratoga Springs, United States

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Through my work I get to travel to some pretty incredible places in the world. Recently I have started to take pictures when I go these places and have found that I enjoy taking pictures as much as I enjoy traveling.

I like shooting a lot of things, from sky to landscape, to architecture, animals and people… this variety is part of what I enjoy about taking pictures.

Besides my gallery here, I also have a small website and blog where I talk about my discoveries about photography and travel. TheRightPic

Enjoy the photos and let me know what you think if you get the chance.

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What is the best lens that you have?

I am giving away another Amazon gift card to people that go to my blog and tell me what their favorite lens is and why. / favorite lens / I think this helps people out who are trying to figure out what to buy.
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Not hanging around much...

Hi, / Things are pretty busy and I have sort of lost that loving feeling with redbubble (hum Righteous Brothers song) so I am not really doing much here lately. Maybe it will come back but right now we are separated. / If you want to say hi or talk to me about something you can reach me at matt AT / Thanks.
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Giving away an Amazon gift card / I just want you to comment and tell me why you like and use the camera that you do.
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Just got a new DSLR!

Got my new Pentax K10D last night! I posted a quick review of it and how and where I bought it over at my blog: / My Pentax
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