“I’ve always rejected being understood.
To be understood is to prostitute oneself.
I prefer to be taken seriously for what I’m not,
remaining humanly unknown,
with naturalness and all due respect”

Fernando Pessoa (The Book of Disquiet)

that being said….
I have been known to be a bit elusive…
and I doubt that will ever change…
some of you know more about me than others…
and what some know is just a little bit of me…I am passionate about creating…
Behind the camera,I lose myself…
I have a blog.. <a href="http://tdoeswool.blogspot.com">t does wool</a> i love to knit.
I can be found on <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/tdoeswool/">fli...; as well.
I adore the sea.
I think that texture can add a world of depth and interest to ones images if applied correctly.
I love to read….I r~~ my life and nothing else.

“Who Am I?
I am not a disease,
nor my weight,
nor even my family.
I am not my job,
or my things,
or the house I live in.
I am not the words used to describe me (quiet or boring or something else I haven’t thought of),
the books I read,
or the clothes I wear.
I am not what you see,
on the outside or what I say or even the things I do.
It’s all illusory.
I am,
this essence inside.
I am the strength that gives me breath each day.
I am the love I feel within.
I am a light in the dark.
I am a little piece of this universe.
I am human.
I am silence.
I am hope burning.
I am kindness.
I am laughter.
I am all of these things.
I am.”

— Erica Orloff

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