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i will whisper

I will whisper my heart / to the river / sail a boat my soul / on wishing winds

a note in a vacuum of silence

a note / in a vacuum / of silence / empty of wings / there can be flight

my room full of words

my room full of words / my heart but branded / my soul riddled with / nothing but words

the razor that is my spine

the razor that is my spine / has a voice / “drag me into the bottomless pit / that has become your heart

i walk again the forest of no shades

i walk again / the forest / of no shades

my marrow sings of freedom

my marrow / sings of freedom / from bone / my heart yearns for ash

this blind edge

this blind edge / that binds the / marrow to the soul / is narrow

If silence

If silence / speaks to you / words that put / swords through / your soul / if night unveils / your stories of gold

forgotten names

forgotten names / in the folds of time / forgotten lanes / in a dead street / a muse less poet / in search of impotent lines

Heres comes the day again

Here comes the day again / when night eats up my heart / emptiness takes hold of my words / when teardrops have no shore

eyeless the mountain

eyeless the mountain / cursed the morning / a sun / green its rays / ran dreams to the sea

bones have no way of knowing

what would you do / with a crumpled night / torn frayed with stars / sleep dreams less

brave dogs

brave dogs tear / smear scar stars / into the inky fabric

it ran, soiling the soil that it treaded on, marking its slithering slime for posterity.

Light Antics

light antics on the wall his soul stilled / four eyes see no more than an eyeless heart / shadow frantic at his stalled feet / into a webbe…


..a man writing on the wall with urine, covering the letters already inscribed in red a maroon in places, coming alive for once, warning, s…

a world of his own fantasy

Sleep seeps / into every being / bodies repose deep / dark hours invading

on a landing

On a landing / a turd / a swirling / whorl / brown baked / caked dry / the familiar smell / had lent its place / to the acrid whiff / of ur…

rain chatter

the rain / chatters again / drenching my pain / in vain

she talks shadows

she talks shadows / thick as night / she stares windows / q / u / i / l / l / s / w / o / r / d / by her side

When doves fly

under a gray cotton sky / brave doves fly / swooshing the rain / past yellowed panes

skin upon your skin

another soul hole needs filling / feeling / our need to cover / what is empty / of content

its not you my dear

its often i hear / the whisper / cold it brushes / bruises / my sinking / skin
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yet another song

here comes another / song / wringing the sky / dry / dredging / along / the floors / of a shallow soul

one with the dust

their eyes glazed / dead / their faces / traces / of dirt / and mirth

memories of an echo

you did not fear death / nor dying / your ossified dreams / in my marrowless memories / lay biding / time / has no face
city lights by TheReaper

this i wish (for the new year…)

may you sail a breeze at a time / towards your shore… / tarrying at times but never stopping / may the moon guide you / on those lost…

wish kite

she asks every breeze / she comes across / “have you seen it / my kite?" / an ashen soul / floats across the world / It flew am…
introspection 2 by TheReaper Mask Dance by TheReaper The Tree in me grows by TheReaper

two rabbits

two rabbits bit a hole in the sky / to see if angels could fly / they came tumbling / fumbling / for wings / attached to flimsy strings

blue petals

blue petals curl / in the palm of her hand / maroon memories dead / of wanting

building bridges of rain

and she stands / building bridges of rain / under a canopy of tears / her dank thoughts / whirl into dark mists / of ink


if you fall / failing flight / slight / drafts making their call / where will you wilt / brazen / sun / drawn to the hilt

the fullness of being empty

The morning zephyr / fingered its rough exterior / found a mouth / breathed into / its empty insides / a song of / unremembered memories /…

today i came apart

today / it came apart / the thread / that i had sewn / into the back / and laid / the sore open / salt spring / branded rivulets / into my …


A man / set out to know / the day / starting with the night / with the coming of dawn / he cried, “my! how beautiful!” / light …

no i will not pretend

no i will not pretend / i am not made of skin / i will not listen / to the dead voices within / i will start / to hurt / take apart / my he…

the Window

The panes are translucent, dirtied by years of neglect. A yellowed vista stretches beyond. Far from civilization, the edifice of derelictio…

sundered souls

there is a wind blowing somewhere / at the edge of dreams / under a shadowed sun / burns a blazing umbra / here they meet / two souls sunde…

there is a line

there is a line / that cuts through a circle / a miracle / particle / in time / there is a whisper / of your selfless soul / alone / in a w…
raindrops by TheReaper

the day you were born

stars lit up in smiles / unknown / faces gazed down / eyes all twinkles / the day you were born / a crease unraveled / a galaxy / eternit…
passion by TheReaper incomplete by TheReaper bokeh by TheReaper

gray days bring out the colors

They come off / groaning / grieving / their births / layers nestled / upon each other / severed rootless / sutured from pain / and longing …
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the corridor of two rooms

Not much of an affair, the small room. Four ordinary walls painted ordinary colors; nothing rakish, nothing bland : just ordinary as every …
my lungs the color of wet ash by TheReaper Storm by TheReaper

when i came upon my being

every moment died / within me / without i did / it was plain to see

how many times?

how many times will / you kill her / her ash hollow boned creativity?
woods by TheReaper city of lost souls by TheReaper
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