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Please visit and enjoy the wonderful and hysterical antics of the mob. Let us know what you think of them individually and as a group.

This site is dedicated to the images and antics of The Mob. The Mob is made of up of; Sally a beautiful, wonderfully tempered TB cross horse, Fred a mix of Jack Russell and Australian terrier, Mick a Ginger Cat and Frank who is a Birman Cross.

These four wonderful animals live in the countryside of southern Australia with their best friend and care taker – Enivea. She is the one with the camera who you never see but who is a very active part of the Mob.

For additional information about The Mob you can contact Enivea or the President of The Mob Fan Club Byron

Trots is Games Mistress and responsible for the titles.

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T-shirts of the Mob can be purchased from their good friend Poupoune here

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Their very first calendar!

TheMob have put together their first calendar and are interested in feedback from their fanclub. If there’s any changes you’d like to see, just let us know. Thanks!
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