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{Year: 1888}

Brought into her room
in a state of deep shock.
Still clutching a rabbit,
that she held like a lock

to her chest -
his glass eye
dangling down.
She held him so tightly,
right next to her gown..

And if anyone dared,
to take him from her.
This stuffy old rabbit,
she held so dear.

She would scream,
and scream,
until they gave in.
Slipping into a slumber,
when they left her within.

Her room.
All by herself.
Arm round her rabbit,
as if she could tell -
her protector.

Who would do her no harm.
When by herself,
he would suddenly warn,
of the danger,
that he was held in:

’Alice. Dear Alice.
You must join me back in

It is so dark and grim.
The Hatter’s quite mad.
You must save us from him.’

And suddenly,
her eyes opened wide.

Memories of a fire,
in which both parents’
died -
from the

She could still hear
their screams:



She jumped
and was found,
on the ground.

Holding the rabbit,
she held to her gown -
so tightly.

Now from her mind,

Words of ‘Deep Shock’
were whispered,

To her Auntie and Uncle,
who cared for her since,
the fire took place,
at her

’Alice. You listening?
Come back with me now.

The Hatter’s gone mad,
trying to drive us
from town.

Beheading everybody
that he can see.
He has got no time now,
for afternoon tea.

The dormouse is quaking.
He’s been hiding within,
The Queen of Heart’s palace.
You must come and save him.

And the rest of us -
fuck the golden key.
Close your eyes,
and enter with me.’

clutched onto
the rabbit
so tight.
And closing her eyes,
entered permanent night.


So dismal, so dark.
So cold with the sound
of the Jabberwock’s bark.

And there, in the distance,
she could plainly see,
The Mad Hatter’s long legs,
stamping on trees.

Wonderland is in danger.
But what could she do?
When suddenly
there appeared,
upon a mushroom.

The Caterpillar,
with his long hookah pipe.
Smoking the weed,
and getting so high:

‘Alice, my child.
So you’ve come back to us?

Alas, Wonderland
is not like it was.

The Hatter’s fucked up.
As if he wasn’t already.

The Hatter’s gone mental.
His mind just ain’t steady.’

‘But, what do I do,
to make it alright?’
Pleaded poor Alice.
‘Do I need to fight?
Or use my brain?
Tell me again.
Give me the answer -
and give me it plain.’

So The Caterpillar,
uttered his words
of wisdom:

’You must kill
The Duchess.
She is the reason
for all of this mess.
She is the reason
for all of this worry.

Because somebody put
too much pepper
in her curry stew.

Her rage and anger,
made everything
And larger.

Wonderland was changed
from outside -
and within.
Which is why
it’s so messed-up.
Desolate and grim.

Kill The Duchess,
and everything will be fine.
Wonderland will go back
to those happy times.

Of gaiety and quaintness.
No worries or sin.

With you, my dear Alice.
You will save us and win.’

Alice looked up,
with her eyes open wide:
‘How do I get to The Duchess,
her home?
Then what do I do?’

The Caterpillar peered down,
and whispered: ‘The stew.’

‘The stew?’ Replied Alice.
‘What do you mean?’

‘Creep into her house.
And the White Rabbit
that’s been
with you -
every step of the way.
Place HIM in the pot.
Sacrifice HIM today.’

‘NO!’ Shouted Alice.
’That’s a crappy thing to do.
He is my friend.
He ain’t meant for no stew.’


The White Rabbit shouted
at The Caterpillar too.

‘YOU! must sacrifice yourself.
The Duchess is allergic,
to White Rabbit Stew.
In the end it is worth it.’

Then The Caterpillar puffed,
on his long hookah pipe.
Peered at Alice and asked:
‘You alright?’

‘Not really.’ Replied Alice:
‘He is my friend.’

‘Ah.’ Whispered The Caterpillar.
‘But a friend till the end.’

The White Rabbit bristled
with indignation:
‘Why don’t you kill yourself
for this damn nation?’

‘She is not allergic to me.’
He answered right back.
With a puff of his pipe,
he then turned his back:

’Go. Go.
Now you must go.
Alice, dear child
I have told you, now go.

That will save us.

The key is the White Rabbit.
Kill him you must.’

Alice turned,
with tears in her eyes.
Said to the White Rabbit:
‘Are you willing to die -
for me – if not Wonderland?
The Hatter’s upon us.

Now I understand
the situation.
Bunny, can’t you see?
If not for Wonderland,
then do it for me.’

She kissed him deeply.
She kissed him long.
The White Rabbit responded.
Moving aside his thong.

His thing was hard.
His thing was long.
He was ready and willing
to show her his song.

But with a mighty roar.
And a mighty shout.
Mad Hatter stormed
from the forest -
and out:

‘RUN!’ Screamed the rabbit.


So they ran,
as fast as could be.
Puffing and panting,
the White Rabbit and she.

With The Hatter behind them,
catching them up.
Who was taller
then the trees -
and a China cup.

And as Alice ran,
she remembered the scene.
The last time she entered,
this Wonderland dream.

Then it was so innocent,
childish and lazy:
With the Cheshire Cat,
and the Queen of Hearts lady.

And Tweedledum and Tweedledee.
And the Little Bill,
and Humpty Dumpty.

They have disappeared.
Where have they gone?

Have they been hiding,
all along?
Or have they been beheaded,
in The Mad Hatter’s spree?

Now there is hardly anyone
left, to see.

And then, right there.
Right in front of their eyes.
The Duchess’s house.
Looming, rising so high.

Foreboding and threatening.
The rabbit did shake.
Shiver and tremble.
Shiver and quake.

‘We must hurry. Quickly.’
Whispered Alice in haste.
‘Go round the back.
Let’s not use the side gate.’

So they crept round the back.
They could still see The Hatter.
As tall as the trees,
and carrying a platter,
full of heads.

But he was looking for them.
They found a side door,
and entered within:

‘I smell the stew,’ whispered Alice.
’It’s there.
Bubbling away on the stove -
needs a stir.’

‘OH NO!’ The White Rabbit cried:

‘Then, my dear friend.
I must put you in the pot.
Skin you and chop you,
with all that I got.’

‘What you must do,
do it – and quickly.
She is looking for mushrooms,
large round and tasty.’

And with that,
Alice, swung the axe.
The White Rabbit’s head
landed in the sawdust.

His blood did shoot out,
From the gaping-wide gap –
that never used to be there.

‘Bunny. Oh, bunny.’
She sobbed to herself.
Wiping blood from her clothes.
Grabbing a knife from the shelf.

Holding the knife,
as hard as could be.
Skinned the White Rabbit,
and chopped him for tea.

Placing the pieces of meat
in the pot.
She stirred the hot stew,
with all that she got.

And hid in the house
after cleaning the blood.
Working so fast.
As fast as she could.

While outside,
in the dark,
The Mad Hatter’s rage,
was equalled by,
The Duchess’s face.

Contorted with hatred
and loathing within.
She collected her mushrooms,
and stormed back
the house.

Alice, was as quiet
as could be.
Hiding in the dark -
in the pantry.

The Duchess threw
her mushrooms
into the pot.
Stirred them around
with all that she got.

She could hear the hag
under her breath:
’I’m hungry. I’m hungry,
but I need my rest.

No. I will eat first.
And then I will sleep.
Now where is that
fucking big bowl
that I keep?
Ah, here it is.’

Alice heard her say.
As she poured the stew in
Alice said: ‘Pour away.’

Sitting at her table,
she began to eat.
Taking large mouth-fulls
of White Rabbit meat.

While, outside,
The Hatter still raged.
In a Wonderland
so dark,
dismal and grey.

Then suddenly,
The Mad Hatter,
kicked down the house.
Brick and mortar,
fell all about.

Alice looked up
towering over her,
to see:
The Mad Hatter,
The Duchess,
The Queen,
and Humpty.


They started to scream,
shout and scowl.

Then, without warning,
The Duchess clutched at
her heart.

Fell down with a BANG!
Fell down with a START!

And Alice ran.
As fast as could be.

Chased by
The Queen.
The Hatter.
and big fat

Then suddenly,
as quickly as light.

Night turned to day -
the sun was so bright.

Alice opened her eyes -
looked down to see,
a brand new white rabbit
smiling at she.

Her Aunt and Uncle,
came into her room.
Noticed her colour
return in full bloom.

After so many months
of agony,
they had got
their niece back -
and happily.

They hugged,
and they kissed,
and they cried with glee.

Alice turned to the White Rabbit
and he whispered: ’Thank ye.

Wonderland is back to normality.
Well, as normal as normal,
as mad can be.

Go, my dear Alice.
Have your afternoon tea.
For we in Wonderland

Wayne Leon Learmond
All Rights Reserved

Currently unavailable for purchase

A dark ‘take’ on Alice in Wonderland.


  • Damian
    Damianalmost 7 years ago

    Great work, really enjoyed that. Shades of ‘American McGee’s Alice’. Cool poem.

  • I am so sorry for the very very late reply to my piece ‘WonderLand’ . I really do appreciate it. Thank you my friend for reading. I don’t use this site much, as I have been so busy lately, hence the late reply. Thanks again.

    Dark Wishes
    Wayne Leon

    – Wayne Leon Learmond

  • Damian
    Damianover 6 years ago

    LOL, that’s okay :)
    I hope you get some more time to write and read around RB!

  • I hope so too. :)

    – Wayne Leon Learmond

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