Welcome. We are Nellie, Stella, Eudora and Winifred, the MacMartyne sisters. For quite a number of decades, we have been the chief counsellors of our village, Upper Mount Butthapsville. We have a combined set of life experiences that render us invaluable in helping others in life’s dramas. Recently we accepted the post as resident counsellors for the Chat Cafe group. You are most welcome to visit and ask any questions you wish, no query too big or too small for the MacMartyne sisters. For further details on our wealth of experience, please visit our journal.

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Introducing - The MacMartyne Sisters

A brief description of the accomplishments of the MacMartyne Sisters: / Winifred / The eldest of the MacMartyne sisters, has quite the inquisitive mind and has numerous inventions and patents pending under her frilled bonnet. She is credited with being the first to introduce theatre-in-the-round, the indoor lavatory, the ballpoint pen, penicillin, the beach towel, pop rocks, cordless television r…
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