I live in the North-West of Western Australia, it’s a very hot part of the world with temperatures often reaching the high 40C and on occasion the low 50C so it’s obviously not for everyone. The small mining town I live in is on the edge of The Great Sandy Desert where the desert meets the sea.
I have no formal training in photography but have been interested in it off and on since my teens but have only taken it up as a serious hobby in the last few years when a driving trip around Australia ended in disaster, when I put some of my films in to be developed it was discovered that the shutter on my ancient camera was sticking and only opening half way. You can imagine how devastating that experience was, a 3 month trip of over 20,000 kilometers and almost no photographs worth saving. Anyway, I bought a Nikon F80 and an assortment of lenses towards the end of that trip then a year or so after that a D70 was added to my growing collection. I now shoot mainly with a Nikon D300 but still take the F80 along on a regular basis.

I love going on long road trips (which is handy in my part of the world as the nearest town is over 200 kilometers to the West or over 600 kilometers to the East)
I also love fishing. The fishing off our coast is absolutely fantastic and rarely do we return home empty handed.

Another great influence in my life is music, particularly the blues and rock bands of the 1960’s through to the present day, some of my favourites are Little Feat, The Grateful Dead (the inspiration for my user name) Buddy Guy, and Bonnie Raitt along with the likes of Marc Cohn, John Hiatt and Jann Arden.

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