FT.worth, United States

it's all our fault

Look around, what can be seen?
Reds, yellows, blues and green.
A clear sky, a leafy tree,
A little cottage by the sea.

This is home, where I feel glad,
Nothing here is ever bad.
Life is good, I’m alive,
All I wish is to survive.

I’m not alone, there’s nothing wrong,
But perfect worlds cannot go on.
For now its calm and so secure,
I needn’t worry anymore.

But I saw what I can’t erase,
Blood and fire and hellish maze.
I heard the screams of life, upset,
Horrific cries I can’t forget.

Several million years ago,
I saw us wreck the world so slow.
Humans who had had the chance,
Who wished to fight instead of dance.

I saw the way they went to war,
Not once, or twice, but three times more.
The third was worst, I saw the end,
Where life and death could not contend.

That was it, we’d had our time,
We’d spent it doing wrong and crime.
No monsters built the guns to kill,
Or gas to smother more and more still.

No Devil produced those evil men,
Who killed us all, including them!
We cannot blame another form,
For taking lives and spreading scorn.

No one forced us into Hell,
We went ourselves, knowing all too well.
We were ashamed, we’d gone too far,
We tried to wish upon a star.

But we’d done wrong with war and crime,
And now we had to do our time!
We couldn’t blame all of our errors,
On someone else’s act of terrors.

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