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FT.worth, United States

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Dead words

Six feet beneath the surface / From lips cold as ice / Whispering ever-softly / We must head the dead’s advice / You’ll never get what you want / In your land of the living / Desires are useless / Most would die before giving / Useless to strive for peace / In your land of the meek / Wars and bloodshed are inevitable / There’s no turning the other cheek / You mustn’t lust for others / With love, …
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it's all our fault

Look around, what can be seen? / Reds, yellows, blues and green. / A clear sky, a leafy tree, / A little cottage by the sea. / This is home, where I feel glad, / Nothing here is ever bad. / Life is good, I’m alive, / All I wish is to survive. / I’m not alone, there’s nothing wrong, / But perfect worlds cannot go on. / For now its calm and so secure, / I needn’t wo…
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