I must apologise to everyone that has been kind enough to send me comments ! I just havn’t had the available time to say thank you’s to you all . Demands for my photographic work have exceeded all usual expectations, so my RB activity has had to be reduced for the time being.I have always made a point of not only thanking all who write to me, but also check out their own RB works, so I know and understand who I am corresponding with !
I’ll be back when everything cools off a bit !


  • ©FoxfireGallery / FloorOne Photography
    ©FoxfireGaller...almost 3 years ago

    Thank you for spending some of your very valuable time, in leaving this journal. Congratulations that your Photographic business is flourishing and may it continue for a long time.

    Alan, don’t worry about the comments etc, it is important to keep the business momentum going. I am so happy that you are successful, which proves that talented photographers can succeed, even with all the snappies and camera phones around.

  • MaryinMaine
    MaryinMainealmost 3 years ago

    Wow, Alan! So good to hear that business is great! As the person said above, don’t worry about comments…I just hope you get to throw one of your excellent photos in every once in awhile! But if not, you still won’t be forgotten. We have lots to look back on! Hope you continue to be successful – you certainly deserve it with all the talent you have! Take care…..

  • KatMagic Photography
    KatMagic Photo...almost 3 years ago

    Good to be busy and in demand so not to worry ….! Say “hello” when you have a bit of time!

  • AuntDot
    AuntDotalmost 3 years ago

    Alan, you have the best reason ever! Glad to hear your work is so much in demand! It validates my opinion of your work! LOL Good luck!

  • greenstone
    greenstonealmost 3 years ago

    Fantastic news! Really glad your doing so well….you dont have to worry about your rb world, we are behind you! georgie

  • EvaAn68
    EvaAn68almost 3 years ago

    That is wonderful to hear!!! I’m so happy Alan that your work is in such demand…
    … no wonder really ; )
    We’re here when you can… Keep up the good work Alan!!! :D