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Orchid Show - for photographers, a disappointing experience

My wonderful (and longsuffering) boyfriend accompanied me to an orchid show this weekend. Cameras and photography were encouraged, said the web site, so I fanatically readied my baby (the camera that is) and we were off.

I was pretty disappointed at the setup. The flowers, while unspeakably beautiful, were crammed together on tables with poor lighting and even worse backgrounds. Clearly this was not an event for photogs, but for orchid enthusiasts – imagine that! :) I took almost a hundred pictures, but I think very few of them will turn out to be any good – the lighting was bad enough that I should have had a tripod, and in the background of every shot there are a hundred other flowers, leaves, ribbons and tags. Unfortunate.

The orchids, though, were stunning and it was certainly worth the 20-minute drive and $4 admission to see them. I didn’t realize there were so many kinds of orchids, but they vary wildly in shape, color and size.

Plus I felt somewhat encouraged in my photography since there had been an orchid photo contest, and the winning pictures were quite poor in my opinion. Not that I am trying to be hypercritical (I’m sure there weren’t many entrants for the judges to choose from), but it is encouraging when I can tell some specific differences between good and bad photography. :)

I did upload one shot, The Dancer, which I love. Hopefully I’ll have a handful of other worthy shots up for viewing soon! Thanks so much for reading!

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