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Hey all! It’s been probably over two months since i uploaded anything new. I have been busy getting engaged and starting premarriage counseling and going to school and working and….my poor camera has sat in a case in my closet, probably angry at me for giving it so much attention for so long, and then deserting it except when I need to take the occasional snapshot. I haven’t even cleaned out my CF card in that long – because I haven’t even filled it up!!

in the meantime though, i’ve been lucky enough to be featured on the home pages several times, win a contest or two, and still mysteriously be racking up views of my art. :) i now am closing in on 25,000 – cool! :)

as i mentioned before, i’ve also begin selling my wares on Etsy, which takes up some of the precious time i do have for photography. a few sales have resulted, so it is encouraging, but it doesn’t seem like a great return for all the effort required.

thanks so very much to all who have commented, favorited, voted on/for my art in these past weeks! it is so awesome to come back and (apart from having to trudge through 78 bubblemails) see all the kindness you’ve given. i hope to go back and check out your work too, but it might not happen for a while. wedding planning is a time vacuum! :)

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