My name is Jessi and i have always been artistic. I love to paint and draw and write poetry but my big passion is with music. I’ve been playing piano since i was 5 and i started playing guitar when i was 11. most of my inspiration comes from music and life.

  • Age: 23
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Finally Back

So, every time that I say that I’m coming back to add stuff, life throws something my way. What’s been up: got married, new apartment, new promotion, hand me down cat courtesy of my husband, and finally got my license. :) Now that things are stable, I think that I finally have time to upload what I’ve been hoarding away. Hopefully within the week you’ll start to see stuff…
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Ok, so I know this has been a long time coming but I finally have some new stuff on the way. Busy with work and school, my art got put a little to the side. I now have a new job and the summer break is near! I can give more time to my art and poetry and give you something to come to my page for :) / Anyways, the first poem should be up by friday and my new series of sketches (subject being kept a…
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new poetry

so the new stuff that i’m going to be putting on here, is going to actually be altered songs that i’ve written. i’m going to just be taking out choruses and stuff…
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new art

hey my new art is just some sketches and i promise to get better close up as the current format is temporary…. lol skills with a camera. / thanks and there will be more to come! / -Jess
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