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I like drawing and painting, modeling and compositing, either using traditional or digital media.
I don’t claim to be an artist; I am more a visual craftsman.
My nationality, as well as my age and gender are not important, actually . I wish my works would speak for themselves.
I hold tradition in high esteem, I like to look at the great masters of the past, but I don’t like to copy, indeed I prefer to show my vision of things, my point of view. And at the same time, I like to see things from different perspectives, I like to change my mind and I respect people who do so, if they are honestly seeking for the truth.

I like those fresh days of spring, white puffy clouds on a blue sky, and those foggy and cold days in winter, especially if I can walk among the trees. I love the smell of moisture in the woods in autumn, and those hot sunny days at the seaside.
I love to work, it’s so beautiful when I have thousands of things to do, but I hate to be in a hurry, I prefer to do everything for good, I always do my best. Nevertheless, I’m never satisfied.

I love Celtic music, and jazz, and progressive rock. I couldn’t live without Genesis and Mozart, Beethoven and Frank Sinatra, Pat Metheney and Deep Purple, but… hey! Katy Perry and Lady Gaga are not bad at all! To be honest, I love all music, and silence, too!

I am not easy, I wish to know the deep meaning of things, but I love simple and honest people, I like people who doubt of themselves, who look straight between the eyes, those who work with their hands.
Sometimes I’d like to have “everything or nothing”, but the one from whom I expect the most, is myself.

Most of all, I really, really hope you’ll like my drawings! :)

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Sincerely, Yours

The Drawing Hands

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