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Ambiance II by TheCandle Hoo's on First? by TheCandle Tulip at Dusk by TheCandle Three Sisters by TheCandle Angel by TheCandle Lily Lights UP the Room by TheCandle This Organic Universe is Born by TheCandle The Orchid in My Sunset by TheCandle Maturity by TheCandle Kiss by TheCandle Ascension by TheCandle Sleepy Eyes by TheCandle Quick Lunch by TheCandle Proud Daisy by TheCandle Fire Underground by TheCandle More Than Red by TheCandle HeartBreak all my tomorrows are bruised blind / my charcoal boat moves slowly /            &nbs… forever my love I felt that I loved you /                   … Ambiance III by TheCandle When You Take My Hand Starting in the light of love / I could carve my world / only from the different shadows /        &nbs… Lens by TheCandle love one cherry soda / with two straws / and you. / Ernie Night Light by TheCandle Sea Shells by TheCandle engraved on a tree Don’t worry, / the tears will wash it all away. / The episodes will grow further apart. / One day you will remember it’s been a… Without Words this love is not my softened words / but deeper than my tongue it’s depth / is deeper than my lungs this breath / is spoken in your e… A Rock And a Hard Place by TheCandle If You Were My Garden            / If you were my garden / I would plant nothing but smiles / that flower with … We Sail Filling the knowing darkness / the effervescent space /              &nbs… Earthen Now I feel the weight of her body / pressing me, / tightly to the ground / so kneading me. … Earthen Altar by TheCandle View With a Room by TheCandle Happy Anniversary  by TheCandle When You Come Home These lips that kiss /     from blonde to /             &n… Love Potion by TheCandle Ambiance by TheCandle The Candle Flame by TheCandle Lightning Strike by TheCandle Grand Design by TheCandle Viral Vision by TheCandle There NSFW The Earl of Pearl by TheCandle The Friend I’ll write you a simple poem / a lean with red meat just fasting poem / about how much he lives the less / we know him. / Or maybe I… Vessel by TheCandle Never Far Away At first, the sparkles of laughter / that crest the frosted waves / Then the wash of colors / that sweep the iridescent oceans of your… Portulaca In The Moonlight by TheCandle young love Why for me does beauty melt to tears / instead of bubbling over / in childlike glee? /          &… Atonement always with sadness /                     &… Portrait In this moment before a Kiss, forever sealed. Gremlins Heaven by TheCandle Just Add Water by TheCandle this artist This lonely artist / so sweet /             and lonely / this artist / hoping fo… 3:00 am dread I lie there in my head / the clock is stopped /                &… Shell Game by TheCandle She Waits – The Battle Lost An eternity of waiting / for dawns early breaking / lights darkly this / days bitter edge. / washed up on this shore / all those dead of wa… there’s only love and snow each snowflake, unique and separate / seeks warmth of ground with barely heard / the simplest sound of snowflakes gently / touching down / … Sancturary Rose II by TheCandle I talk to the dead I talk to the dead / with such tender ease / my mother my father / the friends who I please. / Many sad tears / much lost to the breeze / … Milk by TheCandle Tosseled by TheCandle Champagne  by TheCandle just another blossom just another blossom – / but in my eyes you rise / to the dappled crimson colorings / of a fire blazed sunrise. Sleepy Eyes by TheCandle Keep Me Oh yes, I’ve known you hundreds of years and then some thousand too. / A gift lost carelessly, traveling the spheres, returns at last… Take Sides It is a poem that sometimes tells / the truth / that in our time, truth has died / Or maybe that is also untrue. / Maybe language is just … Little Things by TheCandle  Lemon - Lime by TheCandle Where Do We Kiss Where do we kiss all their hurts today? / The boo-boos there that wont go away. / The flowing tears that take all of their play. / Where d… Flower Matt by TheCandle With Mothers Tears with mothers tears for shield / and little girls that wield / the weapons of Edens sparkling eyed / children penetrating our hearts / wit… Joy Boy I was at that festival of light / and I can’t tell you why the sight / seemed something more then joy / and right / but somehow thr… scrambled egg with tears. ruthlessly we tossed our precious egg / back and forth between us / hoping it could be saved through the storm / hoping it would not be bro… Portulaca XI by TheCandle Feathered Bed by TheCandle Against The Wind by TheCandle Lily; aka Q-Tip; aka Snowball; aka; Cotton by TheCandle Sanctuary  by TheCandle Ernie (me)  by TheCandle Egyptian Eyes with this rush from all that is golden and the silent / crush of love seared to a sun stroked blister by / your now silent way. You could l… All Along the Rim All along the rim / between all that is beauty / and the invading armies / of violence / the hate that rushes heavens walls / spills free…
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