The Bunny Theory is a design playground of ideas and experimentation. The Bunny Theory is about everything and anything and its interpretation is always different depending on how you would like to look at it.

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Do you know who framed Roger Rabbit? The Bunny Theory knows…

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My new blog - Forgotten fancies

Hi guys, / I haven’t been in the bubble world for ages. Hope you still remember me. / I’ve started a new project called Forgotten Fancies where I will illustrate everything I own. It’s a huge project but hopefully I’ll learn something about excessive consumption in the end. / The blog is still in its infancy, but I would love your support. / Please drop by and say hi, an…
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Spread some bunny love

I have uploaded a bunch of bunny mascots, please have a look at my portfolio and help me spread some bunny love.
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Featured in We Are The Image Makers

I am so excited, this work is featured in the latest issue of we are the image makers. This is the first time any of my work has that sort of recognition, I am over the moon!!!! / We are the image makers
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NEW work - all comments appreciated

Hi guys, / This is my most recent work, any comment would be much appreciated.
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