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… Lingering essence of your scent …

Lingering essence of your scent / permeates the air I breath, / A touch of your fingertips upon / my shoulder blades, / Gentleness of your…
... Prince of Wizards ... by TheBrit

… Sailing upon airwaves of a violin …

Upon airwaves of a violin / chord, sending our minds within / music itself, / Floating from key to key, seeing / emerald waters of old key…
... F  O  R  B  I  D  D  E  N ... by TheBrit Celebration of Life and Deliverance by TheBrit ... Happy Birthday Kitty  ... by TheBrit ... Imbracing Karma ... by TheBrit L  O  V  E by TheBrit

…. One Devine Flower of love ….

Eyelids slowly open within / a conscious sound of breathing, / Your gentle face flickering / within my mind, barely awake, / Your presence …
....... Whimsy ....... by TheBrit Adele .............  set fire to the Rain ............ by TheBrit

My muse has finally left me …..

My muse has finally left me, yet I miss her so terribly, / I am left with thoughts of her tender whispers / of wanting to push the plume wi…

Ti’s midday on another glorious day…&…

sunbeams dance upon the ripples / like that of a million angels pirouetting

i saw you rise slowly above the water

as i sat upon a swing over looking a small lake / listening to the notes of a piano with the beckoning / sounds of an orchestra of violin s…
A sphere of sheer delightfulness by TheBrit Love and Emotions by TheBrit Within oneself by TheBrit inspiration of an undying Love ........ by TheBrit guardian spirit is watching.......... by TheBrit Pure Love within an abstract by TheBrit one single Teardrop by TheBrit


the art of a laugh / as he knows it / is good for / the soul

just one more time

you showered me with your brilliance / with untold vibrance / you began to wane / your heartbeat fought back

So I believe!

To share your inner thoughts / passions with another
 Tornado of Passion by TheBrit I'm Your Man!  by TheBrit Destiny by TheBrit Within an Abstract by TheBrit Secret Garden - Heartstrings by TheBrit

The Ultimate Kiss

we arranged to meet amongst the clouds / we both pinpointed the accuracy of our / destination on our cloud finders
A pair of special Shoes  especially for You! by TheBrit What are they saying to each other? by TheBrit sharing food & Love by TheBrit


a fire is burning / like never before / an inner strength / of being / being at peace / ready to move on

Sweet Surrender

you simply dance / in the wind / as our lips brushes / together / with gentle touches


how could time fly faster than / what it is doing right now / as i am much older now / i fully understand what this / lady was trying to co…
patience my darling by TheBrit

patience my darling

watched you grow / so very slowely / you were not doing / very well at all / you were not happy where / you were / i lifted you up ever so …
The  Lone Cypress Tree by TheBrit

Mirage of my Imagination

as i am drawn into a black hole / in the universe and beyond / i realize ,this is not a black hole / at all / as i am being drawn into this…
You are so very Special by TheBrit

Indecisive MOMENTS

floating around one’s mind / should i do this or should i / do that / cannot make my mind up / around in a full circle we go / back a…
You are an abstract of my imagination by TheBrit

Impossible Love

tis impossible to be / in the truest sense / to feel such fervent love / for one another

My Demons of Color

you can shriek and scream / as loud as you like / no one will hear you / no one wants to listen / no more demons for me / you are locked aw…
My demons of color by TheBrit

As our worlds collide

as we feel each others / breath on our lips / as our eye’s look / into each other / We sense and feel
Nanny takes  baby for a stroll by TheBrit John Finley walkway by TheBrit as our worlds collide by TheBrit

end of the track

end of the track / opens the airways / to new beginnings / lets soar to the / heavens / for a blissful / adventure amongst / the stars / to…

Colors of the Wind

Painting with the colors of the wind / conjurs up the sights / of humming birds and bees / not forgetting the beautiful / colors of a multi…

universal language of love

after all ,music is the universal / language of love / we all can listen to music / we can feel the emotions / of music even if you do not …
feminine touch by TheBrit

Contemptuous battle of the cello’s

shards of defening vibrations / of lightening bolts / bringing each opponents ears / to a deafening
The Passionate  Cello Player by TheBrit


i will never forget the / musty smell of the ground / damp peat and moss / as i was walking along the / narrow paths

as i watch your eye’s

the vibrant music of mozart / fills the air with eastern delight / you dance on your tiptoes

Just to be

just to be
A Sighting of Spring by TheBrit To The Land of The Rising Sun by TheBrit Flying above Venice by TheBrit As i sip on my aperitivo  by TheBrit

Swim into my mind

Swim / Into my mind / Reach into / the deepest recesses
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