Recent Romance

...   A romance in the making , before a mirage of an Oasis   ... by TheBrit

… A romance in the making , before a mirag…

A romance in the making , before a mirage / of an oasis could be seen within one’s / naked eye . / Thousands of years ago , born unto…
... Romance within the air of Nature ... by TheBrit

… Sailing upon airwaves of a violin …

Upon airwaves of a violin / chord, sending our minds within / music itself, / Floating from key to key, seeing / emerald waters of old key…

My muse has finally left me …..

My muse has finally left me, yet I miss her so terribly, / I am left with thoughts of her tender whispers / of wanting to push the plume wi…

Romance …….

A story of romance was written / with the flowing quill of a feather, / Light and delicate with a softness / of your beautiful tender touch…

Romantic rendezvous

As the romantic glow of shimmering / moonbeams reflect upon the mesmerizing / surf, gently kissing the sugary sands / of Biscayne bay, / Pa…

a crystal clear moon…………&…

The clarity of the moon is so crystal clear / on this very still evening of Sereness / Silvery moonbeams shining upon / the earths surface…
Saint Valentine..He saves twin Damsels in distress! by TheBrit

come, fly with me

as the reflective sparkles / within flowing water droplets / of a cascading waterfall / transpires into our / thoughts, merging together /…

as we walk into the wind

It is a beautiful day , the breeze within the air / feels so cleansing and free against my skin / i feel your fingers touch the palm of my …

i feel simply lost

you have become such / an integral part of me

Sleep within our dream……….

my soul mate / more today / than yesterday / our bond has / become closer / i feel you more / than ever

The two of us

bringing ,reflections of the moon / to sprinkle upon us as we slowely kiss / in the midnight hour, / as we kiss into a new born day…

Calm Surrender

i see a face , i see your inquisitive / reflectve loving eyes ,which are / now lighting up the shadows within / my mind and heart,not only …
come unto me , reach out and hold my hand by TheBrit

a mind of Passion

we danced from star to star as our tiptoes / were covered in pixie dust / but this fairytale were not meant to be an / ever lasting for eve…

reflecting body of liquid love

refractions of our antimatter of dust from above ,the moon in a hazy light / reflecting before our very eye’s, taking us into a deeper

you excite my senses

as i walk towards you / i feel as though / i am floating on air

take me to the Limits

take me ,take me ,take me to the limits / for everything you say and do to me , / you are forever taking me to the limits / the limits and …

Passionate Desire

burning desire into a storm of / which i cannot control, as we / make passionate kisses into

pirouetting stars of Venice

Within the sunbeams of the early evenings / mellow clouds, / sparkling sounds of the miestro’s violin pirouettes / upon the refrac…

You are my candle within the wind……&#…

For when you have this melting feeling / you will feel the warmth ,radiating / from my heart to yours. / You are my candle within the wind


feel the very moment / of a liquid love / oosing within our brains / and hearts

serene mysty waters

let our blood flow / as we become one / living breathing being / together in a bondage

An awakening Kiss

Then you realized it was not the wind / or the warmth of the sun with which / you could feel.

dreams of Love and Passion

I send you thoughts of tenderness / to cradle you while you have flowing / dreams of passion,as you run your / finger tips along my naked …

My muse will never leave Me………&…

one large tear about to roll along your cheek / a tear of love fell from my tear duct and landed / upon your tear,


surrounded by the early morning mist / the spray from the waves ,rebounding / from the rough surface of the rocks, / which in turn creates …
 i live for these feelings too.....! by TheBrit

The breeze from the wind

i ask the wind"would you please do me a favor" / the wind replied and said"what could i possibly / do for you on such a glo…
from a Simple hello,Love may grow! by TheBrit

from a Simple hello,Love may grow!

you feel the adrenilin raidiating through your viens / as your feet safely land on the ground

moment of passion

we embraced as the / warmth of the sun saturated / our naked shoulders

Thoughts Embrace


Tornado of Passion

 Tornado of Passion by TheBrit

magical first Kiss

we held each other so / very close / our breath became intoxicating

Within my minds eye

with pulsating thoughts / of different dreams / simple pleasures of

as we dance in the wind

breezing closely together / as we float on air / dancing to the music of nature / the sounds of the oceanwaves

sweet surrender

as our finger tips touched / each others skin / the vibrations of sweet surrender

By The River


From my heart to yours !

vibrations of delicate wings / resonating back and forth

My heart is burning with intense feelings of Amor

*Dance me to the end of Love* by TheBrit *Zones of time* by TheBrit

Butterfly Wings of Emerald Green


Soulful dream of dreams



i watched you blossom as you / were transformed into such a rare beautful soul / your eye’s looked into mine as if / you were diving into t…
Destiny by TheBrit  Passion with  Blu by TheBrit  ignite a memory by TheBrit Rose Devine by TheBrit A Kiss from my heart to Yours by TheBrit

The Ultimate Kiss

we arranged to meet amongst the clouds / we both pinpointed the accuracy of our / destination on our cloud finders
A pair of special Shoes  especially for You! by TheBrit What are they saying to each other? by TheBrit

You are such a melody of loving joy

sweatness of love / your melody of ripeness / enters my soul / sending me into / a spinning rapture of / loving thoughts

Sweet Surrender

you simply dance / in the wind / as our lips brushes / together / with gentle touches
Dreaming  in the clouds by TheBrit  Very Special indeed! by TheBrit

Tears of Passion

as the wind blows / you are reminded / of the true love / that never transpired / perhaps / before your last tear / of passion falls
Tear drop of passion by TheBrit

Mirage of my Imagination

as i am drawn into a black hole / in the universe and beyond / i realize ,this is not a black hole / at all / as i am being drawn into this…

Magic of a full Moon

As you you look up into the evening sky / you will see me smiling back at you / as i asked the moon to shine on you

You are an abstract of my imagination

as i touch you ever so lightly / i feel a pulse running through / your viens / i come closer to you / and listen to you breathe / i inhale …
You are an abstract of my imagination by TheBrit Serene colors of  Love devine by TheBrit

my Ardent butterfly

lets fly together onto the edge / of this beautiful bluemoon / as our finger tips / touch each others flesh
my Ardent butterfly by TheBrit Impossible Love by TheBrit Oceans apart by TheBrit

As our worlds collide

as we feel each others / breath on our lips / as our eye’s look / into each other / We sense and feel
as our worlds collide by TheBrit

My fervent little butterfly

your heart beats / to the magnetic pulse / of my very own / as we dance / in this magical flowery dream / so devine.

As we dance within our Hearts

To just dance back into love / deeper and deeper / as we rock together / in each others
As we dance within our Hearts by TheBrit Soaring hearts by TheBrit

Soaring into the Universe of Love

the magnetisim of our energy’s / envelope our souls / and lifts us free of these mortal chains / we soar to each other across the oce…

feminine touch

with just a flick of the / tip of your / delicate tongue / my blood is rising to such / a degree
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