Recent Poetry

L  O  V  E by TheBrit Love within an abstract by TheBrit you excite my senses as i walk towards you / i feel as though / i am floating on air take me to the Limits take me ,take me ,take me to the limits / for everything you say and do to me , / you are forever taking me to the limits / the limits and … …Love…<3 feel the very moment / of a liquid love / oosing within our brains / and hearts dreams of Love and Passion I send you thoughts of tenderness / to cradle you while you have flowing / dreams of passion,as you run your / finger tips along my naked … Within an Abyss allowing this love to seep out / and flow deep within / the abyss of the oceans symphony, / Where these vibrations COMPLEXITY surrounding you with starlight as i sprinkled granules of sugar upon you / as i gently massaged these subline ingredients / i could feel te… You are my Muse by TheBrit A pair of special Shoes  especially for You! by TheBrit Indecisive MOMENTS floating around one’s mind / should i do this or should i / do that / cannot make my mind up / around in a full circle we go / back a… You are an abstract of my imagination by TheBrit My Demons of Color you can shriek and scream / as loud as you like / no one will hear you / no one wants to listen / no more demons for me / you are locked aw… As we dance within our Hearts To just dance back into love / deeper and deeper / as we rock together / in each others As we dance within our Hearts by TheBrit Angel of love and tenderness as you kiss my forehead / i sense your love filling / my heart with your / light / you are my / devine / angel Water’s as smooth as Glass!! as you never / know / what lies / beyond / of Purple Halo by TheBrit An Argumentative Moment your hurtful words / will melt away Quandary She is such a / Social butterfly / She was forever / Having to think / Of excuses Trio in Paradise by TheBrit Swim into My Mind by TheBrit