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Recent Poem

… Sailing upon airwaves of a violin …

Upon airwaves of a violin / chord, sending our minds within / music itself, / Floating from key to key, seeing / emerald waters of old key…

…. One Devine Flower of love ….

Eyelids slowly open within / a conscious sound of breathing, / Your gentle face flickering / within my mind, barely awake, / Your presence …

Within the light of day……..

Within the light of day / you sway within the breeze, / Dancing before my very eyes, / You are beauty within my mind / your skin so smooth …
A sphere of sheer delightfulness by TheBrit

i embrace the feeling of your presence…R…

As i glide along the air / beneath me, i feel the / warmth of your breath / upon my skin, i embrace / the feeling of your presence / for th…
inspiration of an undying Love ........ by TheBrit

The two of us

bringing ,reflections of the moon / to sprinkle upon us as we slowely kiss / in the midnight hour, / as we kiss into a new born day…


the art of a laugh / as he knows it / is good for / the soul

An awakening Kiss

Then you realized it was not the wind / or the warmth of the sun with which / you could feel.

………… Poet and his Muse…

all my life to meet you,I knew you were walking / breathing somewhere on this planet. / you have the heart of a poet,thou shall be readR…
 i live for these feelings too.....! by TheBrit

The breeze from the wind

i ask the wind"would you please do me a favor" / the wind replied and said"what could i possibly / do for you on such a glo…


the pleasure of silence / to listen to nothingness / to give oneself freedom / away from the world
from a Simple hello,Love may grow! by TheBrit

from a Simple hello,Love may grow!

you feel the adrenilin raidiating through your viens / as your feet safely land on the ground

So I believe!

To share your inner thoughts / passions with another
Thoughts Embrace by TheBrit

Thoughts Embrace


Tornado of Passion

 Tornado of Passion by TheBrit i dream of being free by TheBrit

a mind of flowing passion

waves flowing around / at lightning speeds / a mind of powerful thoughts / creating art from within

Within my minds eye

with pulsating thoughts / of different dreams / simple pleasures of

the movie kiss

your lips smiled in a seductive manner / i smiled back at you with a flirtatious / glance within my eyes / the second look was the / ultima…

Magnetism within the Universe

emanating from our very essence / will always transmit / into the universe / the very core of our feelings / cannot escape / the magnetic …

sweet surrender

as our finger tips touched / each others skin / the vibrations of sweet surrender

By The River


Butterfly Wings of Emerald Green


Soulful dream of dreams

Destiny by TheBrit

The Ultimate Kiss

we arranged to meet amongst the clouds / we both pinpointed the accuracy of our / destination on our cloud finders


a fire is burning / like never before / an inner strength / of being / being at peace / ready to move on

Sadness & Love

such a difficult word to express / feelings so deep in the heart / sadness of lost love / feels like , having your heart
patience my darling by TheBrit

Very Special indeed!

you reflect the sun light / with gentle kisses / You may think / you are not special / In the eyes
Cockerel the Rooster by TheBrit

Tears of Passion

as the wind blows / you are reminded / of the true love / that never transpired / perhaps / before your last tear / of passion falls
Tear drop of passion by TheBrit The  Lone Cypress Tree by TheBrit

Mirage of my Imagination

as i am drawn into a black hole / in the universe and beyond / i realize ,this is not a black hole / at all / as i am being drawn into this…
You are so very Special by TheBrit

You are an abstract of my imagination

as i touch you ever so lightly / i feel a pulse running through / your viens / i come closer to you / and listen to you breathe / i inhale …
Serene colors of  Love devine by TheBrit

my Ardent butterfly

lets fly together onto the edge / of this beautiful bluemoon / as our finger tips / touch each others flesh
The Lilly and the dancing Dragonfly by TheBrit

Impossible Love

tis impossible to be / in the truest sense / to feel such fervent love / for one another
Impossible Love by TheBrit

As our worlds collide

as we feel each others / breath on our lips / as our eye’s look / into each other / We sense and feel
as our worlds collide by TheBrit

My fervent little butterfly

your heart beats / to the magnetic pulse / of my very own / as we dance / in this magical flowery dream / so devine.

Colors of the Wind

Painting with the colors of the wind / conjurs up the sights / of humming birds and bees / not forgetting the beautiful / colors of a multi…
Peaceful   energy by TheBrit As we dance within our Hearts by TheBrit

universal language of love

after all ,music is the universal / language of love / we all can listen to music / we can feel the emotions / of music even if you do not …

Lusting in a rainbow dream

lustful thoughts telepathically / into my mind / The heat was rising / our bodies were becoming / silky hot with palpating feelings / of de…

feminine touch

with just a flick of the / tip of your / delicate tongue / my blood is rising to such / a degree
feminine touch by TheBrit

My Heart is a Flower

my heart is a flower that blooms every waking second / the power of our connecting love breezes together

Thinking about you

Contemptuous    battle of the Cello's by TheBrit

The Passionate Cello Player

her passion is not an Obsession / this is a passionate love affair / with vibrations of notes / flowing through her heart / along her vien…

concoction of Love

tis’ just an elusive dream / the taste of bittersweet / full of hurt and sorrows / like the flow of music / so many highs / so many l…
a Million Dreams by TheBrit

Butterfly Wings

since your metamorphosis began / i watched as you changed / from girl / into a fullyfledged woman / you still have that develish / streak i…


i will never forget the / musty smell of the ground / damp peat and moss / as i was walking along the / narrow paths
Double LL by TheBrit euforia by TheBrit Taveta Golden Weaver by TheBrit

We all have demons

they visit / when you least exspect them / from nowhere / they decide to knaw and nibble / on your inner thoughts
Water's as smooth as Glass!! by TheBrit

Floating to the brim of my mind

of champagne / You happen to be / the one who is floating / to the brim of my mind / “how do you do that”

as i watch your eye’s

the vibrant music of mozart / fills the air with eastern delight / you dance on your tiptoes
RED by TheBrit


As our lips connect / you have me burning / out / of / control
A mellow state of mind by TheBrit

Power in a flower

need for you to inhale / my sweet essance / come my honeybee / sip on my nectar / as you
Power in a Flower by TheBrit Kiss Me by TheBrit Your Heart is an Ocean of Love by TheBrit Love and Lust shattered by TheBrit
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