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Recent Passion

Within a Secretive Vale of Passion  by TheBrit ...   Love and Passion within two flames   ...   Best when viewed large by TheBrit .....  Flame   of   Passion   Shall   Burn   for   evermore   ..... by TheBrit  ... Inspiration and Passion Rises above the Blues   ... by TheBrit ... exuding Passion and curiousity ... by TheBrit .... Passionate desires ....  ... Inspired by Pure passion ... by TheBrit ..... Passion upon a clamshell ..... by TheBrit The many colors of passion  by TheBrit

many powers of passion ………̷…

The many colors of passion / which reside within each / and everyone of us, / Are sitting dormant just waiting / to come out and play, / L…
Within the flames of your Mesmerizing Passion ..............X by TheBrit Secretive Vale of Passion ..................X by TheBrit Passion on Fire..................X by TheBrit Passionate Kiss............X by TheBrit

Within the light of day……..

Within the light of day / you sway within the breeze, / Dancing before my very eyes, / You are beauty within my mind / your skin so smooth …

Three little paper boats

A cool breeze within in the air of solitude / rays of sunshine showering a life giving energy / along the waters edge, / finally reaching a…

The very first Kiss …………&…

danced within a raw passionate ballet / breathing pure sensuality
Passion ..............!! by TheBrit as passion sails within a flowing  breeze by TheBrit Fire from within  by TheBrit This Longing......... by TheBrit Passionate breath . . . . . . .  by TheBrit

Sleep within our dream……….

my soul mate / more today / than yesterday / our bond has / become closer / i feel you more / than ever

a mind of Passion

we danced from star to star as our tiptoes / were covered in pixie dust / but this fairytale were not meant to be an / ever lasting for eve…
a  mind of Passion by TheBrit

Crescendo of Passion

of absolute joy / as light surrounds / a floating feeling / of uforia / as momentum

Kiss within a Passion and desire………

You were on my mind / As i was awakened / By the flickering daylight / shimmering through the curtains / You were in my thoughts / i imagin…

Fire of truth !

Kicking your heels up high ,your sexy thighs / opened a few eye’s as you were clicking your castanets, / onlookers ,clapping hands wi…

Within the fibres of my mind

floating so freely ;within the minutes / of my passing day,with pain and solitude

intoxicating purity of love

As our souls / are cleansed / with the spirituality / of pure love.
dreams of love and passion ............ by TheBrit

dreams of Love and Passion

I send you thoughts of tenderness / to cradle you while you have flowing / dreams of passion,as you run your / finger tips along my naked …

“Yes, you are the passion of my desire̶…

as i sat down ,perspiring profusely / the chilled spray ,from the falls / imeadiately cooled me down. / As i wiped my brow
“yes, you are the passion of my desire" by TheBrit As The Wind Blows by TheBrit Butterfly Kisses ........ by TheBrit


surrounding you with starlight as i sprinkled granules of sugar upon you / as i gently massaged these subline ingredients / i could feel te…

moment of passion

we embraced as the / warmth of the sun saturated / our naked shoulders
moment of Passion by TheBrit

Tornado of Passion

 Tornado of Passion by TheBrit a mind of flowing passion by TheBrit

a mind of flowing passion

waves flowing around / at lightning speeds / a mind of powerful thoughts / creating art from within
 Passion with  Blu by TheBrit

Tears of Passion

as the wind blows / you are reminded / of the true love / that never transpired / perhaps / before your last tear / of passion falls
Tear drop of passion by TheBrit

feminine touch

with just a flick of the / tip of your / delicate tongue / my blood is rising to such / a degree
My Heart is a Flower by TheBrit

A Fountain of Love for You

A Fountain of Love for You / A fountain of flowers / A fountain of passion / A fountain of symbolism. / Passion floating in the air / Passi…
Life's many turns by TheBrit
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