Recent Friendship

The very essence of You ………R…

As i moisten my lips with the very / tip of my tongue, I taste the very / essence of You, / I smile as your adorable face enters / my mi…

Romantic rendezvous

As the romantic glow of shimmering / moonbeams reflect upon the mesmerizing / surf, gently kissing the sugary sands / of Biscayne bay, / Pa…

Within the reality of dreamland

As i were dreaming within the reality of dreamland / you came to me , a word was not spoken / for our facial expressions were worth a milll…

within the air we breathe ……..

i surround myself within musical / notes of adoration / floating upon a sunbeam / captured by your eye’s / and imagination / as You /…
Hope  the whisperer of story's ................ by TheBrit

The whisperer of story’s ……R…

Hope was a woman of stature / with a sheer brilliance of beauty / and respect , / her love of nature ran through / the very viens which fed…

Within the iridescence of light itself

Two stars soaring through the heavens above / traveling within a warp speed of time / until that magical moment of intervention / as a wing…

within an aura of charisma

curiousness which illuminates / our very souls of tenderness / to be had and shared only / between You and I

ending with only one

pouring into my mind like / that of a fountain of honydew / i can taste your lips

i saw you rise slowly above the water

as i sat upon a swing over looking a small lake / listening to the notes of a piano with the beckoning / sounds of an orchestra of violin s…

Happiness begins from within…………

Happiness begins from within / share some happiness today / for it will be returned / tenfold………. / Happiness begins from…
Within a secret dream ..............  by TheBrit

i embrace the feeling of your presence…R…

As i glide along the air / beneath me, i feel the / warmth of your breath / upon my skin, i embrace / the feeling of your presence / for th…
Pure Love within an abstract by TheBrit Love within an abstract by TheBrit encompassing  light ....... by TheBrit

above a crimson moon

above a crimson moon ,an angel did fly / she had a special net within her hand / which was used for capturing the vapourous dust / of soul…
for we are Yin and Yang  by TheBrit

Sleep within our dream……….

my soul mate / more today / than yesterday / our bond has / become closer / i feel you more / than ever

reflecting body of liquid love

refractions of our antimatter of dust from above ,the moon in a hazy light / reflecting before our very eye’s, taking us into a deeper

you excite my senses

as i walk towards you / i feel as though / i am floating on air

take me to the Limits

take me ,take me ,take me to the limits / for everything you say and do to me , / you are forever taking me to the limits / the limits and …

You are my candle within the wind……&#…

For when you have this melting feeling / you will feel the warmth ,radiating / from my heart to yours. / You are my candle within the wind


feel the very moment / of a liquid love / oosing within our brains / and hearts

An awakening Kiss

Then you realized it was not the wind / or the warmth of the sun with which / you could feel.

intoxicating purity of love

As our souls / are cleansed / with the spirituality / of pure love.
from a Simple hello,Love may grow! by TheBrit

Thoughts Embrace


Within my minds eye

with pulsating thoughts / of different dreams / simple pleasures of

My heart is burning with intense feelings of Amor


Warrior of love!

*As our Paths crossed* by TheBrit

Love emanating from the sky’s above

A Kiss from my heart to Yours by TheBrit

Very Special indeed!

you reflect the sun light / with gentle kisses / You may think / you are not special / In the eyes
You are so very Special by TheBrit You are an abstract of my imagination by TheBrit

My Heart is a Flower

my heart is a flower that blooms every waking second / the power of our connecting love breezes together
Poppy Seeds by TheBrit

Thinking about you


Vacant Heart

you came into mylife / you did a real number / on my heart / i fell for you / hook line and sinker / you were on my mind

Water of Purity

unconditional / Love / is / the / key / to


our romance was hot / extremely intense / as our naked bodys / lie together under the / egyptian silk cotton sheets / our skin touching sk…
euforia by TheBrit

As the Sun sets

Adriana dressed in a low cut summer blouse with a short skirt,she looked so devine ! / I just looked into Adriana’s beautiful hazel eyes, l…
As the Sun sets by TheBrit

Floating to the brim of my mind

of champagne / You happen to be / the one who is floating / to the brim of my mind / “how do you do that”
Your Heart in My Hands by TheBrit Love and Lust shattered by TheBrit


have such a brother / We both do / for an eternity / and beyond / Brotherhood
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