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Recent Abstract

...   Within  the  abstract  of  a  byrd  in  Paradise  ... by TheBrit Diary of Iris ............ by TheBrit inquisitive .................. by TheBrit .........power of Love ......... by TheBrit

An abstract mind …………R…

Color’s floating within an abstract mind / for i see shapes within and around / the periphery of dots before the blueness / as my ima…
encapsulated within a timewarp! by TheBrit My Heart has turned within a different direction.....! by TheBrit Passion ..............!! by TheBrit   abstract Epitome by TheBrit Love and Emotions by TheBrit Within oneself by TheBrit inspiration of an undying Love ........ by TheBrit The Poet........It's all about Love......... by TheBrit Pure Love within an abstract by TheBrit Love within an abstract by TheBrit Passionate breath . . . . . . .  by TheBrit secret depths by TheBrit Totality by TheBrit


surrounding you with starlight as i sprinkled granules of sugar upon you / as i gently massaged these subline ingredients / i could feel te…
from a Simple hello,Love may grow! by TheBrit

from a Simple hello,Love may grow!

you feel the adrenilin raidiating through your viens / as your feet safely land on the ground
Vertueuse silence by TheBrit You are my Muse by TheBrit

So I believe!

To share your inner thoughts / passions with another
Thoughts Embrace by TheBrit

Thoughts Embrace


Tornado of Passion

 Tornado of Passion by TheBrit

a mind of flowing passion

waves flowing around / at lightning speeds / a mind of powerful thoughts / creating art from within

the movie kiss

your lips smiled in a seductive manner / i smiled back at you with a flirtatious / glance within my eyes / the second look was the / ultima…

sweet surrender

as our finger tips touched / each others skin / the vibrations of sweet surrender
I'm Your Man!  by TheBrit  Passion with  Blu by TheBrit   Live like Horses by TheBrit Within an Abstract by TheBrit Abstract form of Curves by TheBrit Together on a sunny afternoon by TheBrit


a fire is burning / like never before / an inner strength / of being / being at peace / ready to move on

Sweet Surrender

you simply dance / in the wind / as our lips brushes / together / with gentle touches

Sadness & Love

such a difficult word to express / feelings so deep in the heart / sadness of lost love / feels like , having your heart
patience my darling by TheBrit Tear drop of passion by TheBrit The  Lone Cypress Tree by TheBrit

Mirage of my Imagination

as i am drawn into a black hole / in the universe and beyond / i realize ,this is not a black hole / at all / as i am being drawn into this…

Indecisive MOMENTS

floating around one’s mind / should i do this or should i / do that / cannot make my mind up / around in a full circle we go / back a…

You are an abstract of my imagination

as i touch you ever so lightly / i feel a pulse running through / your viens / i come closer to you / and listen to you breathe / i inhale …
You are an abstract of my imagination by TheBrit Serene colors of  Love devine by TheBrit

my Ardent butterfly

lets fly together onto the edge / of this beautiful bluemoon / as our finger tips / touch each others flesh
my Ardent butterfly by TheBrit

Impossible Love

tis impossible to be / in the truest sense / to feel such fervent love / for one another
Impossible Love by TheBrit

My Demons of Color

you can shriek and scream / as loud as you like / no one will hear you / no one wants to listen / no more demons for me / you are locked aw…
My demons of color by TheBrit Oceans apart by TheBrit

As our worlds collide

as we feel each others / breath on our lips / as our eye’s look / into each other / We sense and feel
as our worlds collide by TheBrit

My fervent little butterfly

your heart beats / to the magnetic pulse / of my very own / as we dance / in this magical flowery dream / so devine.

Colors of the Wind

Painting with the colors of the wind / conjurs up the sights / of humming birds and bees / not forgetting the beautiful / colors of a multi…
Peaceful   energy by TheBrit

As we dance within our Hearts

To just dance back into love / deeper and deeper / as we rock together / in each others
As we dance within our Hearts by TheBrit

Angel of love and tenderness

as you kiss my forehead / i sense your love filling / my heart with your / light / you are my / devine / angel

Lusting in a rainbow dream

lustful thoughts telepathically / into my mind / The heat was rising / our bodies were becoming / silky hot with palpating feelings / of de…

feminine touch

with just a flick of the / tip of your / delicate tongue / my blood is rising to such / a degree
feminine touch by TheBrit

I am a Forest

as life began to evolve / plants and flowers started to grow / then along came the many different / species of bugs and birds / the sounds …
I am a Forest by TheBrit

My Heart is a Flower

my heart is a flower that blooms every waking second / the power of our connecting love breezes together
Contemptuous    battle of the Cello's by TheBrit

The Passionate Cello Player

her passion is not an Obsession / this is a passionate love affair / with vibrations of notes / flowing through her heart / along her vien…

concoction of Love

tis’ just an elusive dream / the taste of bittersweet / full of hurt and sorrows / like the flow of music / so many highs / so many l…
The Passionate  Cello Player by TheBrit An interlude to a Kiss by TheBrit

Yellow skirt blowing in the wind

fragrance abounds as the wind / catches your skirt / your seeds are harvested / Your mindblowing opium
Yellow skirt blowing in the wind by TheBrit Double LL by TheBrit euforia by TheBrit Taveta Golden Weaver by TheBrit

Floating to the brim of my mind

of champagne / You happen to be / the one who is floating / to the brim of my mind / “how do you do that”
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