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An invisible thread / Between / Mother and daughter / Beginning before

Lifes many Turns

Life’s many Turns / Come / Hold my hand / Lets travel / This precarious / Road of / Life / Together / Full of ups / Full of downs / J…

In Every Poem

In Every Poem / In every poem / You will see / An image / In every / Image / You will see / A poem / Just allow / Your / Creativity / To / …

SunShine For You

When you look / At sunflowers / May you feel / The soul / Warming rays / Of the / Sun / Shine down upon / You / Copyright TheBrit© 2011

Captured by the minds of her children

Floating within a bubble / Captured by the the minds / Of her children / Who / Can save this / Planet / From / Self destruction

One Tear

One Tear / One tear / Pulling on / A / Heart string / Of / Emotions / imagine / The weight / of this / Single / Tear / Copyright TheBrit© 2…


She is such a / Social butterfly / She was forever / Having to think / Of excuses

Food for Thought

Food for Thought / Sharing Food / Is / Sharing / Love / Copyright TheBrit© 2011

Swim into my mind

Swim / Into my mind / Reach into / the deepest recesses

I am Thinking Blue

I am thinking blue / I see you through / My / Deep blue eyes / I see visions of you / Smiling / Giving me / An expression of / Desire / I f…

I closed my eye’s

Where the sun bathed / our souls / as we gently kissed / with the sound / of rippling / waves in the background

Tornado of Passion


i dream of being free

my spirit floats to a never ending / vista of sereness and beauty / a hunting ground of plenty

magical first Kiss

we held each other so / very close / our breath became intoxicating

as the moonlight shines

It was as though we were being serinaded / by the orchestra of neptune’s imagination / the mermaids were playing their violins / the …

a mind of flowing passion

waves flowing around / at lightning speeds / a mind of powerful thoughts / creating art from within

Within my minds eye

with pulsating thoughts / of different dreams / simple pleasures of

the movie kiss

your lips smiled in a seductive manner / i smiled back at you with a flirtatious / glance within my eyes / the second look was the / ultima…

as we dance in the wind

breezing closely together / as we float on air / dancing to the music of nature / the sounds of the oceanwaves

Magnetism within the Universe

emanating from our very essence / will always transmit / into the universe / the very core of our feelings / cannot escape / the magnetic …

Rainbow Kisses

colors of rainbows enveloping our / very essance as we dance together / in a magical harmony of romance / as the moonbeams dance amongst

Search your Soul

search your soul / long enough / you will find the anwsers / to your questions / if only life was so / simple / S / I / M / P / L / Y / F …

As your moisture danced upon my skin

i could feel the velvet smoothness / of your essance flowing and trickling / along the length of my body

sweet surrender

as our finger tips touched / each others skin / the vibrations of sweet surrender

The rising sun

as she rose above the oceans gentle waves / she met a multitude of rainbows / colliding in unison just above her

By The River


free to love another day

shimmering rays of light through the mist / which dances upon the gentle / waters of the lake, mirroring

My heart is burning with intense feelings of Amor


From my heart to yours !

vibrations of delicate wings / resonating back and forth

Zones of time


Inspiring Angel


Soulful dream of dreams



i watched you blossom as you / were transformed into such a rare beautful soul / your eye’s looked into mine as if / you were diving into t…

Butterfly Wings of Emerald Green


Warrior of love!


Impossible Love


as our paths crossed

as the pulse of our imprint / pressed along the key / a spark flew all the way / to the heavens / and connected / through the sense of touc…

Love emanating from the sky’s above


A Kiss from my heart to Your’s

Deep within the fibres / of my heart / i hold a deep passionate kiss / awaiting to be released / only for you / my darling,

The Ultimate Kiss

we arranged to meet amongst the clouds / we both pinpointed the accuracy of our / destination on our cloud finders

Together forever

We had arranged to meet / during the last hour of sunlight / just you and i for the very first time / we were to finally see one another / …

veins of iridescence

Aithough i cannot see you / as i close my eyes / i feel you deep within my veins / i touch you with my thoughts / they reach out to you / t…

You are such a melody of loving joy

sweatness of love / your melody of ripeness / enters my soul / sending me into / a spinning rapture of / loving thoughts


a fire is burning / like never before / an inner strength / of being / being at peace / ready to move on

Just one Kiss & we could become One!

one little peck / just one kiss / in a dream / we could / become

Sweet Surrender

you simply dance / in the wind / as our lips brushes / together / with gentle touches


how could time fly faster than / what it is doing right now / as i am much older now / i fully understand what this / lady was trying to co…

Dreaming in the clouds

my eye’s seem to just gaze / into space / perhaps that is where we / will meet one day / as we explore the clouds / together

Sadness & Love

such a difficult word to express / feelings so deep in the heart / sadness of lost love / feels like , having your heart

patience my darling

watched you grow / so very slowely / you were not doing / very well at all / you were not happy where / you were / i lifted you up ever so …

Very Special indeed!

you reflect the sun light / with gentle kisses / You may think / you are not special / In the eyes

As we bathe together

As we bathe together / under the blue sky’s and / cumulus clouds of florida / our feelings are that of nature / as we lay so very close tog…

Tears of Passion

as the wind blows / you are reminded / of the true love / that never transpired / perhaps / before your last tear / of passion falls

The Lone Cypress Tree

surrounded with an ocean full of dreams / dreams of many kinds / this is where all the dreams float along / floating to mingle with one ano…

Mirage of my Imagination

as i am drawn into a black hole / in the universe and beyond / i realize ,this is not a black hole / at all / as i am being drawn into this…

Indecisive MOMENTS

floating around one’s mind / should i do this or should i / do that / cannot make my mind up / around in a full circle we go / back a…

Magic of a full Moon

As you you look up into the evening sky / you will see me smiling back at you / as i asked the moon to shine on you

You are an abstract of my imagination

as i touch you ever so lightly / i feel a pulse running through / your viens / i come closer to you / and listen to you breathe / i inhale …

serene colors of Love devine

hold my hand as we walk / together amongst the light / of love devine / here we can be true to / our innermost feelings / you can feel the …

my Ardent butterfly

lets fly together onto the edge / of this beautiful bluemoon / as our finger tips / touch each others flesh

The Lilly and the Dancing Dragonfly

darting along your / mezmerizing trail / releasing your nymph / lavea gently behind / you are one of the / worlds fastest / little flyers …

A piece of paper

paper went flying all / over the place / with a gush of the wind / a little boy was waiting / to cross the tracks / he reached to grab / a …

Impossible Love

tis impossible to be / in the truest sense / to feel such fervent love / for one another

mind heart and soul

can feel the magnetic forces / of love between people of / different color,be it / red. white, yellow ,brown / or black / love knows / no b…

My Demons of Color

you can shriek and scream / as loud as you like / no one will hear you / no one wants to listen / no more demons for me / you are locked aw…

As our worlds collide

as we feel each others / breath on our lips / as our eye’s look / into each other / We sense and feel

end of the track

end of the track / opens the airways / to new beginnings / lets soar to the / heavens / for a blissful / adventure amongst / the stars / to…

My fervent little butterfly

your heart beats / to the magnetic pulse / of my very own / as we dance / in this magical flowery dream / so devine.

Colors of the Wind

Painting with the colors of the wind / conjurs up the sights / of humming birds and bees / not forgetting the beautiful / colors of a multi…

As we dance within our Hearts

To just dance back into love / deeper and deeper / as we rock together / in each others

Angel of love and tenderness

as you kiss my forehead / i sense your love filling / my heart with your / light / you are my / devine / angel


Positivity / Encourages / Positivity / is / a / State / of / Mind / Share your positivity with / Someone / Today / Positivity / Author / Th…

Realms within a Face

Realms within a Face / What is in a face / nothing to do with your looks / does’nt matter how young / or how old you really are / wha…

universal language of love

after all ,music is the universal / language of love / we all can listen to music / we can feel the emotions / of music even if you do not …


Within / You are in the realms / of my mind zapping / with lightening speeds / from one / neuron to the next / you travel through / the /…

Soaring hearts

swirling in a dance of loving rapture / a symphony of love / waiting for this moment in a lfetime / to happen / blowing in the wind / sewn …

Lusting in a rainbow dream

lustful thoughts telepathically / into my mind / The heat was rising / our bodies were becoming / silky hot with palpating feelings / of de…

Soaring into the Universe of Love

the magnetisim of our energy’s / envelope our souls / and lifts us free of these mortal chains / we soar to each other across the oce…

feminine touch

with just a flick of the / tip of your / delicate tongue / my blood is rising to such / a degree

I am a Forest

as life began to evolve / plants and flowers started to grow / then along came the many different / species of bugs and birds / the sounds …

My Heart is a Flower

my heart is a flower that blooms every waking second / the power of our connecting love breezes together

Thinking about you


Vacant Heart

you came into mylife / you did a real number / on my heart / i fell for you / hook line and sinker / you were on my mind

Contemptuous battle of the cello’s

shards of defening vibrations / of lightening bolts / bringing each opponents ears / to a deafening

The Passionate Cello Player

her passion is not an Obsession / this is a passionate love affair / with vibrations of notes / flowing through her heart / along her vien…

concoction of Love

tis’ just an elusive dream / the taste of bittersweet / full of hurt and sorrows / like the flow of music / so many highs / so many l…

Concieved by Lust or Love

one tiAs for ny seed / which was polinated by / an amazing olympic swimmer / perhaps it was the strength and determination / of this marath…

An interlude to a Kiss

The very first time our eye’s met / as the clock was ticking / i could sense a warm sensitive / halo surounding your beautiful / Sil…

In the Confines of your Mind

of your virtual fibre / sending my rhythem for / the zest of life / along your viens / so you can exude / my passion as it

A Million Dreams

so you need a key / come on in / would you like to exchange your key / for another / think of the possibilites if you will / yes this thou…

Yellow skirt blowing in the wind

fragrance abounds as the wind / catches your skirt / your seeds are harvested / Your mindblowing opium

Butterfly Wings

since your metamorphosis began / i watched as you changed / from girl / into a fullyfledged woman / you still have that develish / streak i…


i will never forget the / musty smell of the ground / damp peat and moss / as i was walking along the / narrow paths

Double LL

your cocktail / will be alot / more / palatable / we just came up / with a new house blend / the double LL / Lusting Love / now that sound…

Water of Purity

unconditional / Love / is / the / key / to

silence of a tear

i saw this tear / running silently / running slowely / the silence of sadness / running / down my cheek / as the tear / fell to the floor


our romance was hot / extremely intense / as our naked bodys / lie together under the / egyptian silk cotton sheets / our skin touching sk…


before the beginning / of a stormy day / once the storms / have passed / the feeling of serenity

As our minds intertwine

as our minds intertwine / into a flowing reverie / of breathtaking passionate

We all have demons

they visit / when you least exspect them / from nowhere / they decide to knaw and nibble / on your inner thoughts
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