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features and first challenge win!

I’ve fallen behind on my tips of the hat. Life gets in the way of photography sometimes!

First of all, I recently won the “My Best People/Candid Shot” challenge in ‘Real’ Life Photography with Gardel Sunset, one of my favourite people shots that I have. Thanks to all who voted for me! :-)

And features in the last month. Unripe Wine and Cross and Colour were featured in the Latin America group.

Friendship was featured in Gorgeous Flower Cards.

Manzanilla was featured in both Depth of Field and Unlimited Quality.

Lastly, blue doors was featured in Windows and Doors.

Thanks to all the groups, the moderators, and the eyes that see them all the time and thanks to my readers reading this now. I’ll try and keep more on top of things in the future…

P.S. Despite Heath’s help, I’m still and idiot and can’t display pictures. When I get some time, I’ll try and put them in to increase the beauty of this entry.

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