The Bad Apple Artist Collective is a collaboration of international artists banding together to showcase their arts and have some fun doing so while giving fans new, interactive means to view and appreciate the art and the artists themselves.

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The Bad Apples are:
Terra Bidlespacher
Tammy Mae Moon (Moon Spiral Art)
Heather Rose
Carla Wyzgala
Tanya Bond
Stephanie Allison
Leila Hijazi (Illustrated Ink)
Carissa Rose
Jinx in the Sky
Scot Howden
Anita Inverarity
Kim Turner
Lea Barozzi
Raul Guerra
Danielle Reck
Barbara Glatzeder
Pete Katsiaounis
Sara Bowersock (Point Blank Art)
Braidy Hughes
Simona Candini

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  • Joined: November 2012