I’m that super weird and charming chic that you think is all about her hair and then BAM! she writes you some fucked up love poem and all you can think is “what’s she going to say next?” and then you realize you’ve fallen for her and she’s ten steps ahead of you already breaking your heart and applying lip gloss.

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Chaos Surreal and Gray

Have you ever made a mistake and found the consequences of that mistake too enlightening rather than punishing? I made one of those today. An error…the chaos of all the changes that six whole weeks have brought me…I mean I have moments where I’m not sure what day of the week it is. I am a crumbling woman beneath every step I take forward. So yeah…I’m going to fuck s…
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Took Me 37 Days

My birthday lost it’s meaning. I never asked for anything on the 25th day of May, just wanted to be adored, cared for. I didn’t want diamonds, or flowers, no perfume. I just wanted to be told I was loved. To love and be loved. Was that so hard? / I expected nothing. Everyone else was so surprised…shocked…that we are still sharing a living space and you didn’t even at…
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When The Echo Is Your Voice

I am the type of person who longs to understand. I’m always asking “why”. I know the mechanics of my own brain, I know why I do things, but I am not in the brains belonging to my friends, my family, my loved ones. Everything surprises me and yet nothing surprises me. Do I really know anyone? / I have no answers today. The last time this happened, I had answers. It was absolutel…
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the last excursion

I took the 8th grade graduating class of a middle school to NYC for their big end of the year trip yesterday. I had been in the Bronx off and on with HIS family, ridden a subway, seen Times Square, but I still wanted to see more of the city, especially with a 14 year old man child who hadn’t seen as much as I have yet. I went for him really, but as these weeks have turned on me, I realized …
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