Kidderminster, United Kingdom

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Hey, I’m John and I write. Basically.
I’ve loved writing since I was old enough to know how to and hope more than anything to eventually get one of my works published.

But that aside, I’ve recently made a few attempts at art, which at the beginning of the year made even my stickmen look out of proportion.

Manga/Anime are my preferred art styles (yes, it’s another annoying teenager who’s discovered Japan) but alas, I can’t draw for toffee at the moment.

With any luck this will help me get some exposure and criticism to help me advance in both areas.

And yes, I have started a small series of mini-strips. No idea why. It just happened.

  • Age: 22
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Completely Out Of Ideas - Taking Commissions =P

Yeah i know i know, who’d want a commission from a crappy artist but if i keep working in my comfort zone i’ll never progress. I need some challenges. / I’m not saying I’ll do any commission that’s asked, but i’m open to ideas xD
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Deeeelivered =D

First two pieces of bought artwork arrived today, two laminated prints ^^ / They are both very good quality i have to say, couldn’t be more chuffed =D
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