I am a Straight Edge, Skateboarder. Also know as a jack of all trades, One of my many past times that make me happy is tagging or (donating art).
I am an extream zombie movie fanatic. As well as I love anime and odd movies…like 2dlk, angel-a, motorcycle diares, Blue is the warmest color.

My biggest inspirations are Van Gough, Jhonen Vasquez, Shepard Fairy, Banksy, Fafi, Kaws, Buff Monster, Invader, Ron English, Neil Gaiman, Swoon, Crabcat Industries, Amanda Palmer, Jim Lee, Jack Kurby…and many more

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My first published work

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Dea Batman

So now that I am pretty sure I’m not getting a booth at Denver Comic Con, I was actually able too sell the original Illustration I did of Batman, To my amazing friend and Co-worker Dea or D for short. lol
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I told you I'd keep you posted and here is what I know thus far. I AM INPATIENT WHEN IT COMES TOO MY ART!!

Thank you for applying for Denver Comic Con’s Artist Valley/Merchant Mesa. We will begin contacting applicants that have been approved beginning December 1, 2014. We will continue this process until approximately December 31, 2014. If you are not approved we will email you. Please note that we will retain your application for the 2015 Denver Comic Con as a spot on our wait list. / So, I must wait…
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So, yesterday I submitted my request for a booth at the 2015 Denver Comic Con. Too be honest I’ve not been this anxious and nervous in a long time. If I get a table, Oh what a birthday present that would be too myself. / Keep your fingers crossed and feel free too let me know what works of art I have made you’d like too see at the show. / Th3 Doctor
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