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Hello there reader, my name is Nicholas. Now that you’ve stumbled upon my page I thought I’d make it worth your while, and give a little information on my current situation, aspirations, and style of work. Everything from this segment will most likely never change, but everything below will, whether it be frequently, or annually.

Current Situation:
Well, as of right now I’m a 18 old year teen (will be 19 in July), Sophomore in college (NMSU; Go Aggies!), still trying to make a few bucks so I can make paying for college a little easier, and recently took my ACT (ever taken that? I feel the Math section is far too complex…), but I digress. I have a beautiful girlfriend, a loving family, and one cute cat.

I’m hoping to major in Graphic Design, I’m using this website to start up this dream, I’ve always loved to screw around with Photoshop, and I’m also pretty well acquainted with the pencil, however, painting… is not my strong suit. So any and all feedback and advice is ABSOLUTELY welcome at this point in my life, as I’m inexperienced.

Style of Work:
Well, I’m going to start with some funny video game, TV show, and joke shirts, putting that all together with a good design has potential, as I’ve seen by browsing the web. Later, when I’m a bit better, I might go for some complex abstract designs that look great on shirts etc..

That’s about it, remember, any advice is welcome, and I hope everyone enjoys my work, thanks for reading!

  • Age: 21
  • Joined: December 2011


YES! My very first sale!

Yeah I know it isn’t the biggest milestone, but the thought of having my work featured on someone’s clothing is actually quite comforting. Who knows, I may have a chance at this whole graphic design thing after all lol. Thanks to whoever bought my ‘Beast Mode: ON’ shirt, I really appreciate it!
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