Photography and writing are one’s perspectives of seeing the world. Both creative processes convey one’s utmost, sometimes unconscious, desires. Mine is perhaps about developing a deep relationship and establishing an intimate communication with the living beings in nature. One’s work speaks for itself but if you are still curious, you may read about me here.

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I am a proud member of Art for Conservation. Proceeds of the sales of my work will be donated to Nature Canada or Algonquin Park as specified in the images.

  • Joined: November 2007


Frames, frames, and more on frames... :)

I get asked this question from my bubblemail almost daily so I thought it’s time to write it out here for people who are interested. / There are two kinds of frames, one is your own, which you use whatever software you are using to work out, which is not something I can deal with here. More questions are about the frames in the RB selection of frames when you purchase a piece of wall art. …
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