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Victorian Vampires

The night was dark; clouds covered the moon that would have been full. A perfectly evil evening. The night clubs of Melbourne are still in full swing at 11pm, plenty of people around, dancing, conversing, drinking, and flirting. They’re all out, just having a few laughs, enjoying life. While it lasts. My sisters were still at the house when Ophelia and I left for the night, Morgana giving vampiric advice to our newest sister, and Jessica finishing her newest work.
The alley was dark, but Palace Theatre was lit up, humming with voices, warmth emanating from its walls. My hair is black, my skin white. My eyes are totally black, and my lips purple. I was hungry. I hadn’t fed for weeks. It’s getting harder in the modern world. Everyone will be missed by someone else. It hasn’t always been so, but such is existence. I can’t say life, I’m not living. My body is curvaceous, attractive. Never fails to draw some one in. Ophelia has gone off on her own, she and I get along well; she never gets in my way.
I smelt him before I saw him. I could taste the brown hair, the strong muscles, and those vibrant eyes. He was drunk, had too much VB. Perfect. I could hear him stumble along the street. There was no-one with him, so I stepped out of the gloom. His eyes lit up at the sight of me, or maybe at just the sight of my breasts, which were pushed up by the tight corset that I wore. Men are all the same, suggest sex even in the most subtle way and they do whatever you want.
‘Hey sugar,’ he called. ‘I neesome’ commpany. Wana join meee?’
Arrogant confidence was evident in his slurred words. He had no idea just how retarded he looked. Not that it mattered. I smiled seductively. ‘Sure handsome. I got nowhere better to go.’
We walked down the street, and down a small out of the way alley. He grabbed my arse, and I giggled and pushed him into the wall. He grunted with the force, perhaps I was a bit too rough. Never mind, he was too waisted to notice. His hand slid up my back. Poor man thought he was about to get lucky. I laughed and he smiled.
I nuzzled my face in his neck, soaking up the last of his living warmth. Before he realised he was in danger, a bit the pulsing vein in his neck. I bit so hard blood spurted out everywhere, covering my face, my neck, dripping down into my cleavage. It smelt so good, and my hunger was fierce. I sucked him dry, so that when I was finished he looked like he had been dead for days. My phone rang some stupid tone that Annie must have found sounds in my ears.
‘Busy,’ I answered. ‘Call me later.’
Poor bugger didn’t stand a chance. Melbourne isn’t the gothic city for nothing.
Welcome to my world.

Every day, new people fly into Melbourne at Tullamarine airport. It’s one of the best places to haunt. Tourists from all over the globe come to see the wilderness of Australia. Backpackers are the best. They can be gone for months before anyone notices that they’re missing. And they are easily tempted by free accommodation. My blood sister prefers to haunt pubs and night clubs, but I love foreign men. Their accents get me started.
It was around three in the morning when the plane from New York arrived. Nothing out of the ordinary about that. My coven sister and I were sitting at a table with empty coffee cups in our hands. It made it easier to keep up appearances that way. She likes to draw her prey before consuming the life. We, the coven, think it very contemporary art of her.
‘Spotted anything interesting?’ I asked.
‘Nope,’ she replied. Joy was not the talkative type, very wrapped in her own little world. She could be very moody, and it was a joke among us sisters that she was stuck permanently with PMS. Not that we told her that.
It was his voice that drew me to him. Melodic and deep was his American accent. He was asking the airport staff where the cheap places to stay were. That made this easy, meant I had been allowed to play the hero. I pulled my brown hair out if its pony tail, the signal for my sister I spotted something interesting. She nodded, and I rose out of my seat.
‘See you later,’ I said.
My lace-up purple hooker boots clacked on the floor. My hair bounced as I walked over to him. He couldn’t help but stare, and I liked it.
‘Can’t help but hear you need somewhere to stay,’ I said getting up close. His sent was mind numbing, everything I craved and desired.
He nodded, dumbstruck. I laughed, and gently pushed some of his ragged brown hair out of his eyes. ‘I can help you. I got a spare room, and all you have to do in exchange is fix a few things for me.’
‘I can fix things,’ he blurted out.
I smiled. ‘Good. Follow me then.’
I walked in front of him, swaying my hips like a model on a cat walk. I could feel him watching. He was smitten, and I had complete control. He followed me to my blue two door coupe Mazda RX-8 GT. His eyes betrayed his surprise and admiration for my choice of vehicle.
‘I like things that go fast,’ I said waving my hand at the passenger door signalling the invite for him to get in.
‘Nice,’ he said, smiling. I smiled back.
I sped down the toll way, over the Bolte Bridge. Through the tunnel under the Yarra River I had to slow down because of the cops doing a breath tests on the other side, but we got to suburb of Upwey far faster than any mortal would dare drive, but that has more to do with the fact they can’t read minds and hear the cop cars before you see them. It’s a nice skill to have.
The coven house was old. One of the early houses built by some rich family of the early settlers. The coven had added to it, of course, otherwise it wouldn’t have been bug enough for all of us, but unless you went inside the two-storey building you would never have guesses it had nine levels. Ivy had grown up the iron on the gate and up the walls of the house. Stone gargoyle drains sat at the edges of the roof. Stereotypical, I know, but it’s amazing how no one ever suspected us.
‘Creepy,’ my passenger commented.
‘Creepy,’ I agreed, ‘But beautiful.’
‘Like you,’ he said, giving me a sidelong glance.
I smiled as I got out the car. He scrambled to get out and hurry along after me. Opening the front door, I flicked on the lights showing an old fashioned sitting room. I think the furniture was that of the original inhabitants, but I never bothered to ask Elaina, the head of my coven. He dumped his backpack on the floor beside the door like a child after a long day at school and inspected the room.
‘Drink?’ I asked.
‘Thanks,’ he nodded. I poured him some aged whiskey, it was all I had. I really needed to go get some real alcohol, but of course I couldn’t drink any of it anymore so I just hadn’t been bothered. I gave him the old fashioned glass at sat down on the couch, watching him like a cat watches a mouse.
‘So, what’s your name?’ he asked looking at the old portraits on the mantle.
‘Morgana. Yours?’ I asked.
He gave up looking at the pointless objects of the house and sat in the chair opposite me, watching me the same way I watched him. When you’ve been 18 for seventy years objects lose their material value. His eyes were blue like the day lit sky I hadn’t seen for such a long time. He was just the right height, tall enough to be manly, but short enough that I would be able to reach his neck without standing on tip toe. I took off my boots, making sure he watched as I lifted up skirt to get at the laces at the top. I heard him put down the glass and get out the chair. He sat down beside me, close.
He put his arm around my waist and kissed me hard. His hand went up my skirt, and I wrapped my fingers in his hair. Patrick lay me down on the couch and unbuttoned my top. He was brave this one. Most never got passed the first kiss. I wrapped my arms around him, and searched for the vein in his neck. I found my target, and bit him gently, slowly sucking the life out of his beautiful body. The job was a clean one, not a drop of blood spilt. For a second I considered making him like me, but I didn’t want to be tied down in a relationship.
Patrick died whispering my name in my ear. I held him for a while after he was gone, soaking up the last of his warmth.
Sorry Patrick, a girl got to eat.

I had been an artist in my mortal life. Joy had been my name, and I had lived in Geelong. Stupid bastards had put my disappearance down to suicide. Though the bunch I had hung out with weren’t very intelligent.
I made money for the coven by making art out of my food, ha ha ha. I draw my victims before I kill them, and then make works out of what I’ve drawn. You might think that morbid, but I see it as a way of giving them a second life. I used to cling to my ink works, but I discovered that I liked Photoshop.
I had spent most of my night at the airport with my coven sister Morgana, self obsessed with finding a man that would tell her she’s beautiful. When she left so did I, there was no one there that interested me. I drove my 2007 Black Lexus IS250 into the city, past the Flemington Racecourse and the Royal Children’s hospital. For a brief moment I saw Georgia walking down the street, but that crafty cat was gone in an instant. At the Queen Victoria Market, some of the homeless had been sleeping on the benches. This place felt more evil than I did at night, being built on an Aboriginal burial site. The racism that still existed for them disgusted me.
He was among the homeless, standing around an old style metal bin that housed a small fire. Blonde, well built though clearly hungry. Brown eyes and an easy smile. I parked the car, and crossed the road toward him. His regarded me curiously; I must have looked out of place in my skinny jeans, old school trainers and short spiky hair.
‘Hey,’ I said, giving him a half-arsed wave.
‘How’s it goin’,’ he replied.
‘Listen,’ I said, ‘I’ll give you a grand in cash and a decent meal if you model for me.’
He looked at me as if Christmas had come early. ‘Sure,’ he said grinning at me.
He followed me back to my car, and got in without hesitation. I wondered if he’d done this before.
‘What do you want to eat?’ I asked.
‘MacDonald’s,’ he said without a thought. Figured.
I drove to the nearest MacDonald’s outlet and let him order.
‘Can I take your order?’ asked the girl through the drive-through speaker.
He leant over my lap through the window. ‘Hi. Can I get nine Big Mac meals, two cheese burgers, a chocolate sundae and an apple pie.’
Fuck me that was a lot. There was a pause with the girl on the other side.
‘Is that the lot?’ she asked.
‘That’s the lot,’ I said before Blondie decided he wanted more. We parked in the car park and he talked and ate, and told me about how he had been an advertisement photographer, and how he had lost his job, and how it fiancée had kicked him out for another man. He told me his name was Martin, and that he loved comic books. I listened to him speak in case he said anything that might help develop a work. I was already picturing him as a super hero photographer, like the Spider-man/Peter Parker persona.
All that food later we were heading for my artist’s studio in an abandoned house in Geelong. I parked my car in the yard and made my way around the back. Martin followed me like a puppy looking for a new owner. I unlocked the back door and flicked on the lights. I put my I-pod in the dock and cranked the volume. White Strips, Blue Orchid. I set up my mini stage with lights and props. I dug out my old Polaroid camera and gave it to Martin.
‘I need you take your shirt off,’ I said. ‘And I’m going to turn you into a comic book character photographer.’
‘Sounds cool,’ he said.
He posed well, stood still and let me move him about into different positions when I wanted. I drew and drew until I was aware that the sun would be up in half an hour and I had to get back to the house in Upwey. I looked up from my easel and smiled at Martin.
‘Thanks buddy. All done.’
He relaxed visibly, and the muscles in his arms rippled. If I wasn’t about to savour his blood, that would have turned me on. He smiled an attractive smile, and I wondered why his fiancée had truly kicked him out. With a face like that why would she have found someone else? But I would never know.
I got out my wallet as he walked towards me to see my work. I got out some fake notes and handed them to him.
‘Your good at what you do, Joy,’ he complimented.
‘Thanks. It’s just years of practice,’ I smiled.
He smiled at me and I noticed he still hadn’t put his shirt back on. I reached out to touch his arm and he let me. Men in this city were so trusting. I ran my hand up his arm to his shoulder, and I began to massage his flesh. So soft and warm, so tender and inviting. I kissed his back, and his shoulder till my face was in his neck. His vein was harder to find than most, but once I had it, I sucked Martin dry.
He tasted good, the closest thing I would ever get to MacDonald’s.
In death, art would glorify his soul.

Luna Park, St. Kilda. Full of life and fun, just like the coven house, only different. I’m still new to the whole blood thing. My coven sister Georgia found me in an alleyway, left for dead after a gang rape and changed me. They weren’t expecting to see me again I can tell ya’. I like this new life though, it’s awesome as. The house is ridiculously clichéd, with ivy and gargoyles and old rotting timber, but I love it. I’ve never felt more at home than there with the others. They’re a great bunch, creepy though. They like to lecture me every evening before we go our separate ways. It’s amusing. Sometimes what they say is helpful, and other times it’s just fun, like tonight.
Tonight they sat me down and gave the parental, “don’t talk to strangers” talk. Morgana does the whole mum thing well. I was laughing the whole way here. Joy’s a bit weird, but her advice has helped. Jess is just scary. She has a true talent with words. Pamela has some great clothes, but she doesn’t take that much pride in her appearance which contradicts her shopping habits. Elaina I’ve never seen, but she talks to me in my head, which is kinda awkward at times. Catherine cries, a lot. I’d love to be like Georgia, be a smouldering temptress like her-she’s deadly beautiful. Ophelia doesn’t say much, but she has one of those smiles that put me at ease.
I like Luna Park coz’ I still feel human. It makes me feel human. Screaming on the rides, winning ridiculous stuffed toys. I miss the fairy floss though. I like watching the families enjoy themselves, I like talking to random people.
Tonight felt different compared to every other night. Usually I find some old hobo on the street and give him a heart attack when I tell him he’s sexy. It’s kinda’ fun. But tonight, my prey found me. He made me weak at the knees, he was gorgeous. He was with another girl, but he would be mine before the night was over. I followed him around all night, but he never saw me, I wouldn’t let him.
It’s amazing how little else my coven sisters notice when their hunting, like the subtle sent of a woman’s perfume, or the sound of a dog barking three suburbs away. But when I hunt, I notice everything. The smell of the old man holding the fairy floss for his daughter. The sound of a little girl crying because she couldn’t go back on the merry-go-round. The thoughts of the pubescent teenage boy sitting on a bench getting horny looking at my chest. I looked over at the boy, covered in pimples and looking terrible in shorts too big for him and a ripped T-shirt. Nothing worse than a wannabe skater boy. But I went over to him.
‘Reckon you could do a girl a favour?’ I asked sweetly.
‘Sure,’ he breathed. Pathetic, really.
‘Well you see,’ I began, ‘I have no money and I’m very hungry. Could you shout me some food, maybe even eat it with me.’ I battered my eyelids and squished my boobs together. It’s sad that the old tricks still work, just like Morgana had said.
‘I can do that, if I get a kiss,’ he drooled. I giggled.
He got up and took my hand, and my eyes searched for the one I was truly after. Found him by the Ferris wheel. Good, still here. We started to walk towards the smell of human food, when I pushed my little friend behind the ghost train entry. He looked excited. He was hard already. I sighed.
‘Sorry love,’ I said, and bit into his neck. I was telling the truth when I said I was hungry, the night was still young and I needed to last till later. I had to be clean and careful with this one. If I got blood on me it would look suspicious, especially once they found the body. I fed with my hand in his mouth so he couldn’t scream. I left him there, poor boy, on the edge of death. But I wasn’t interested anymore.
My phone started to ring. Morgana. She had taken it upon herself to look after me.
‘Hello,’ I answered.
‘Hey fledgling, how’s it going?’ she sounded weird on the phone, but they all did, my coven sisters, like they weren’t really there.
‘Good,’ I replied. ‘Got my eyes on someone.’
‘Atta’ girl,’ she praised me. ‘Good luck.’
‘Thanks,’ I said, and hung up
The night grew late, and just before he was to leave the girl he was with had to go to the ladies room, so I seized my chance. IU bought a drink from the food stand and walked over in his direction. Cheesy, I know, but as I walked past I tripped over deliberately spilling coke cola all over the two of us. My shirt went see though as I hit my head on the concrete. I groaned in mock pain. I looked at his face with was a mix of amusement, concern and bewilderment.
‘Sorry,’ I said in my sweetest voice.
‘No worries,’ he said. ‘You got coke all over you.’
‘I know,’ I smiled.
‘Your head alright?’ he asked.
‘Yeah. For the moment,’ I said giving it a rub. ‘I’m Annie.’
‘Kevin,’ he said shaking my hand. His touch was electric. I had to have this guy, a nothing would stand in my way.
‘You here with anyone?’ I asked, pretending not to know.
‘No one,’ he lied. I smiled inwardly. He was already mine. I gave him a sweet girl grin.
‘Wana walk me home?’ I asked.
‘Sure,’ Kevin said. He walked me out the giant smile, and glanced back to his girl come of the bathroom and look around, horrified. I smiled. Poor girl.
We walked up the street on the breach side for a while. I held his hand like we were lovers. I spotted a bench and started to pretend that I felt light headed. We sat down and he held me. It was nice. He was nice. I buried my head in his neck, like a lover would. I felt him sigh. I bit him, hard. His blood was sweet in my mouth. He groaned in pain and ecstasy. I drank till he was on the verge of life.
‘I can make you one of us if you want,’ I whispered in his ear.
‘Yes,’ he said, head rolled back on the back of the park bench.
I sat on his lap and ripped open the vein in my wrist. Blood poured out and I gave it to him to drink. He sucked the blood out of me with a force I wasn’t expecting. I snatched my hand away from his mouth, and his body started convulsing with the quick death the change brought. It’s a strange thing to watch, he foamed at the mouth and his eyes turned inside his head. Then he went still. For a moment I thought it had gone wrong and I had killed him. But then his body came back to life.
‘Annie,’ he whispered.
I climbed back on his lap. ‘Mine forevermore.’

Chadstone. The biggest mall in the southern hemisphere. Why the hell they need a mall this big I’ll never know. I always spend too much money here. The people I meet are always interesting. I’m not particular about men or women, I take what smells good. Maybe that’s why I choose to haunt Chadstone, because there are always so many people here.
She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Tall and curvaceous. She had red hair and green eyes. A stark contrast to my tall and thin, brown ratty hair and dark eyes. She shopped alone, so I followed her. She never knew I was there. I never spoke to any one; they were just as unaware of my presence as she was. I bought things for my coven sisters as I stalked my girl, movies, CDs, and clothes. Annie was going to love what I brought home jewellery wise, Morgana would be straight into the clothes, Joy would dive into the music and Jess would be the first one at the DVDs. She walked around to so many different shops; she must have been exhausted when everything shut at ten.
Outside she headed for her car, but I missed what it was for a moment. A hiss came from behind me and I saw my coven sister Georgia. I smiled. It’s always a nice surprise to see one of my sisters.
‘On my way into the city. Just thought I’d stop to say hi.’
Georgia ran where ever she went. She was the only one not to have her own car.
‘Well hi,’ I said cheerfully. My sisters think I’m a little nuts, but if I was truly insane I would kill everyone and take what wasn’t rightfully mine.
So, found anything interesting yet?’ she asked.
‘Yeah. I was following her when you hissed,’ I said.
Georgia smiled. She found my lack of preference for victims amusing, like a vampiric bi-sexual. ‘Go get her then, Tiger.’
I laughed. ‘See you later then.’
I watched the red head climb bounce away so I waved farewell to my sister and slinked away into the cars to catch up.
She drove home in a little red Toyota Corolla, and I followed close, but not suspiciously close in my Porsche 911 turbo. She lived at the end of an out the way court, so I would have to park my car then walk the rest of the way. I watched her for a little while, just learning about her. She lived alone and had hopes of being famous. She reminded me of how I had been when I was mortal. She rang he mother every night, and I listened as she told her about her day.
‘Yes mum… no I’m not still with Daniel…. You did so know. I told you weeks ago… mum, it wasn’t like that…. no, work was boring as…that sounds nice…. yes, I saw that….sounds good…. had lunch with the girls today… no mum, I haven’t talked to her since high school….anyway, Annabelle is going to have a baby… no she’s not married yet… mum, that’s not nice…’
Her conversation went on like that for some time, so I started to drift my attention back to figuring her out. She liked purple and cats. She liked chocolate, and strawberries. I watched her hang up the phone and wander into her bedroom. I watched her strip her tight clothes and shower before going to bed in a see-through nightdress.
I waited till she was fast asleep before opening a window and creeping into the room. Softly and gently I crept into the bed with her, and held her. Goosebumps covered her body when my cold skin touched hers. I hoped her dreams were sweet and beautiful as they were the last she would ever dream.
‘Sweet dreams beautiful,’ I whispered into her ear, as her eyes flicked, starting to stir from her sleep. A slight gasp escaped her lips as I bit her neck gently, tenderly. She was suddenly fully aware of my presence, but it was too late by that point, and I sucked my sleeping beauty dry.
Death can be just as beautiful as life.

The city is quiet. Federation square is practically empty, as is my heart. I might as well die; give myself up to the sun.
He and I were an unstoppable force merciless in death and passionate in love. Together we were whole, we made one being.
But he’s gone. Where I can’t say. I have searched the world, only to arrive back where I started. I am alone, and unloved.
We met over one hundred years ago. I couldn’t believe he loved me, myself being a half-cast child. But he did. We met when I sent to be a servant for his family. I was washing clothes the first time we met. He was so timid and gentle.
‘Can you do a favour for me?’ he asked in the sweetest voice I had ever heard.
‘Yes young Master,’ I had replied.
‘Jonathon, ‘he had said. ‘And I need this washed for tomorrow,’ he said giving me a set of white clothes.
We met in secret after that, his father would have belted him for it, loving me was just as bad as sodomy, or so it was said, and I would have been dismissed, or worse. But he loved me, despite the colour of my skin.
I had thought when I was changed I would be robbed of his love forever, but I learnt quickly that I could make him like me, and I changed him myself and we were unstoppable. Elaina, Jonathon and I were the original founders of the coven, but he’s gone, and soon so will I be.
We successfully lead lives and kept our presence unknown to most humans. We were proud of our existence and we were damn good at what we did.
At one point one of my sisters came past. I think it was Ophelia, with her long white hair. But she didn’t see me, and I didn’t call out.
As I sat there waiting for the end, I remember everything that he and I ever did. He was my whole world. Without him, I was nothing but a vampiric whore. All the men I teased all the women he made love to, all in the name of blood. I sucked on a cigarette, just to keep up some sort of normality. The last thing I needed is to explain to a cop what I’m up to all on my own.
Someone came up to me. He stank of sweat.
‘You right love?’ he asked.
I growled like a dog and he backed off. I wanted no sympathy. I wanted no company. Not unless it was his.
Tears of blood steamed down my face, and I watched people rush past. Even in the early hours of the morning there were still people about. They had no scent, no appeal to me. I wished he was here. I lay my head down upon the concrete and waited for nothing. At 4:45am the sky started to change, subtly, so that only one of my kind could tell. Soon it would all be over.
At 5:25am my eyes stung, the sun was nearly up. The sky was pink with the dawn, and my heart was black. A voice in my ear said my name. I knew that voice so well, but I must be hallucinating. It told me he loved me, always loved me. It was an accident; it said, stayed out to late and got caught. I opened my eyes, and there he is holding out his arms. The tears streamed down my face as I move towards him.
My phone started to ring, but I ignored it.
As the sun breached the horizon, I was in his arms.
Where I belong, once and for all.
What would you do if you had all the time in the world? Would you learn all the languages of the world, or study every piece of literature ever written? Me, I studied psychology. The intricate workings of the brain fascinate me. Always have. I studied at Melbourne University for my first six years as a fledgling. Now, whenever I go out, I study my intended meal, I figure out what makes them tick, what truly terrifies them.
When I’m not hunting, I write horror scripts and plays. I like to terrify, I am perfectly suited to this life style. My coven sisters get a kick out of seeing themselves portrayed on TV without the mortals knowing it. I admit that I do too, who wouldn’t?
I had spent the early part of night my night editing a new story. Elaina helped me edit it without ever being present. She is an amazing vampire. She is everywhere and nowhere all at once. She is what keeps us sisters from great danger. Together we tweaked my writing so that by the end it was truly horrific. I printed it, sealed it in an envelope and left the house. I was the only one home at that point. Earlier in the night we had all taken to filling Annie’s head with pointless advice. Every new fledgling was treated like a pet.
‘Don’t be seen feeding,’ Georgia had said.
‘Don’t go in for the kill straight away, learn to play with your food,’ Pamela had advised.
‘Find what your good at and stick to it,’ Joy had said.
‘And don’t talk to strangers,’ Morgana had said with mock severity.
I laughed to myself. We were an odd bunch, but we fit together nicely.
He was walking on the opposite side of the road when I was on my way to the post box at the end of the street. He was twitchy, nervous. He made me curious almost instantly, so I did what I had to do faster than usual, and followed him.
He walked like he had something heavy on his mind. He carried a bag, which looked as though it had something heavy in it. The bottom looked wet. He walked for a long way going deep into the national park that lay near Upwey. I followed silently like the owl that sat in the tree above me, watching some unsuspecting creature in the undergrowth.
The man dropped the bag and looked around, making sure his was alone. From behind a tree opposite me he recovered a shovel, old and rusty. He began to dig in the soft earth. I watched as he shovelled the dirt into a nice pile and grabbed the bag. He seemed unsure for a moment, and then emptied the contents into the ground. From the bag fell a woman’s head. Her long blonde hair was stained from the neck with blood and her face was forever mutated in her last look of horror and pain. He threw the bag in after her and then quickly covered the hole.
I let him finish. I knew that me stepping out of the gloom and shadows would be enough to make him shit himself. Arsehole. He hid his shovel away and I wondered how many times he had done this. This would make a good horror story.
He wiped his sweaty palms on his jacket and turned to leave. I growled, announcing my presence, and he went white as I stepped out of my hiding place amongst the ferns. He froze, unable to move. Petrified he was, like a kangaroo in headlights. And then he ran. He ran as fast as his weak little legs to carry him, but he wasn’t fast enough. I laughed like a banshee as I sprung after him through the trees. He turned to see where I was only to see me practically fly toward him, teeth bared and fingernails threatening to gouge out his eyes.
‘She deserved it! She mocked me!’ he screamed franticly.
‘She mocked you? She told you she couldn’t handle your tiny dick, so you cut her head off? Is that how it works?’ I taunted.
‘You know something,’ I said cutting him off. I wasn’t going to listen to his pathetic excuses. ‘You’re nothing but a pathetic little wanker. And I’m going to give you a taste of your own medicine. And you wana’ know the best part?’ I whispered into his ear, ‘there’s no one else here to hear you scream.’
With my fingernail I sliced open his throat and drank his blood as he tried to scream, his head lolling about, the blood gurgling in his throat. The blood dripped down us both, me ecstatic with joy and he paralysed in pain and terror. Just before he died I looked into his eyes, my face covered with his blood, sticky and dripping.
‘I hope she tortures you on the other side,’ I said, grabbing his head between my hands and snapping the vertebrae in his neck with a sickening crack. I stung his body up, high amongst the tree tops so that the scavenger birds might get a feed.
Death terrifies us all in the end.

I don’t know how I came into being. I don’t remember ever being human. I have an empty soul, because I don’t know who I am. I kill to eat, and then do nothing. Elaina tried once to find out who I was but to no avail. People in those days didn’t keep the same records as they do now.
I know I’m not Australian. I have an accent, European, but I have no idea where from. It makes me all the more a mystery. I have faded snippets of memories of long dresses and men with swords, but they make no sense.
Maybe one day I’ll figure it all out. If I ever feel inspired enough. That’s the trouble with not understanding who you are, you have no motivation. It’s not like a child growing up; they learn things along the way. Me, I knew the social norms and how to walk and talk, I just didn’t know who
I was.
Though, that all changed when I met him. He reminded me of something but I couldn’t think what. I had gone hunting with Georgia around the night clubs of the CBD but she went off on her own as soon as she found something interesting. Morgana and Joy had offered me to come along with them to the airport, but I liked it when Georgia went off on her own. It meant I didn’t have to play along with social niceties. It’s not that I didn’t love my sisters, I just didn’t know what to say to them. I wandered around the streets, just walking when suddenly there he was. Just watching. I couldn’t smell him witch put me off slightly. It meant he wasn’t human.
From his expression he was just as taken back as I was with the sudden appearance. He had bright blue eyes and brown hair. He wasn’t that much taller than me, and had an athletic build. He wore dark jeans and a brown velvet coat. I didn’t know of many men who wore velvet these days. I walked up to him slowly, watching him. He never moved, and he never blinked. Not once did he take his eyes off me.
‘You are not human,’ he said to me, his accent American.
‘No. Neither are you,’ I commented. Morgana would have loved this.
He nodded, a smile playing on his lips. ‘Well observed, beautiful one.’
‘It wasn’t hard,’ I said, looking unimpressed. If he wanted to flirt he was going to have to do better than that.
He laughed. It was musical. I had never been so intrigued by another being before.
‘Who are you,’ I asked him, maybe just a little bit savagely.
‘My name is Kenneth. And you are?’
Kenneth. That name felt familiar. So did his eyes. Something in me stirred came to life. I still didn’t know my past, but I felt powerful. Like I was destined to be a queen. We walked together for hours. We talked very little, but I didn’t feel we had to. I knew this man, I was sure of it.
My phone rang suddenly, making a mortal near us jump. Kenneth laughed.
‘Hello?’ I said.
‘Just me,’ said Georgia’s voice through the phone. ‘How goes it?’
‘Fine,’ I replied. I didn’t feel like divulging with her the tales of my night just yet. Maybe tomorrow.
‘Awesome,’ she said. ‘I’ll leave you be.’
‘I’ll see you later then,’ I said hanging up.
‘Your Coven keeps an eye on each other then?’ noted Kenneth.
I nodded. ‘Yes, we tend to. Just a precaution so that no-one gets hurt. No knowing what could happen these days.’
‘It’s good to know someone’s got your back,’ he said, almost to himself.
I had to agree, though that aspect of my sisters and I had never crossed my mind.
Toward the end of the night we had nearly walked all the way back to the coven house in Upwey. We spotted a young woman trying to scream for help, but two men held her against one of the skip bins. One had a knife and was cutting at her clothes.
I looked at Kenneth and he nodded, clearly in the same though process as I. I had never hunted with someone else before, let alone with someone who didn’t need instructions conveyed as to how the attack would proceed, but this felt so familiar. We slunk into the darkness together and made our way closer to the trio. The woman was in hysterical tears and was shaking violently. We moved faster and out the darkness we sprung like cats upon birds. The two men didn’t know what was happening. I knocked mine, the one with the knife, unconscious.
‘Run,’ I said to the girl. ‘You’re safe now. We’ll take care of these pricks.’
She nodded and sprinted as fast as she could. Kenneth’s victim was struggling with all him might, but didn’t stand a chance. It was a glorious thing to watch him drain the life away from the man.
My victim would never wake up again. I stole his blood like a lover steals kisses in the middle of the night. Kenneth came and knelt beside me, he had my back. Happiness, for the first time in a long time, is what I felt knowing that Kenneth was here. I felt different. Like this man was a part of who I was, who I am and who I was meant to be. When the man was dead I turned to him.
‘Your eyes are a beautiful shade of violet when you’re well fed,’ he said.
Covered in blood I grabbed him and held him to me. I kissed him hard, as though he had been away for a very long time and this was his homecoming. He kissed me back, tongues colliding, teeth bared, clothes ripped and thrown away. The scent of the blood drove our passion into a frenzy, and there among the dead men and the blood I learnt all I would ever need to know about Kenneth.
Even in the darkness, there is love to be found.

In my coffin I sleep, on a bed of satin and long dead roses, petals black with age. In my mind’s eye I keep an eye on my coven. I watch as Georgia seduces yet another man in an alleyway, I watch as Annie makes her mate. I see as Catherine mourns for Jonathon. I mourn for her too, knowing she cannot be saved. I see Pamela enthralled by the beauty of her victim. I watch as Joy draws, and as Jessica makes up a new story based on her night’s events. I see Ophelia fall in love when she did not expect it, and I see Morgana cast her charm upon some poor unsuspecting man. I know my coven inside and out. They don’t know that I know, but I know all.
I don’t stir as often as I used to. I prefer to live through them. Once, every now and again, I will rise and party hard with my sisters, drink blood with them, seduce victims with them, but their life gives me life, and thus I am satisfied. My Melbourne has long disappeared like me, into the night. I no longer know the roads, the streets, its buildings. Some things are the same, but they a few and far between.
So I will sleep, and watch my coven like a guardian angel, until such a time comes when I am truly needed.
Something in the darkness is stirring.

Victorian Vampires

Terri  Kruithof

Briagolong, Australia

  • Artist
  • Artwork Comments 8

Artist's Description

a series of short stories about a coven of Vampires. one night in the life of…
it follows the blood lust and the inner thoughts of 9 vampiric women. set in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
warning- does contain some swearing, and obviously images of death.

Artwork Comments

  • A boy called Star
  • Terri  Kruithof
  • A boy called Star
  • Terri  Kruithof
  • ericamay23
  • Terri  Kruithof
  • ericamay23
  • Terri  Kruithof
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