The Hero and his Lady

“Are you sure you can get here? I can come and pick you up!” Sam typed rapidly into his cell phone while he watched the snow begin to fall.

“I M O K”

That was the message she sent. So, she must be. After all, their entire relationship is built on nothing but trust. That is the way it happens when you meet somebody on-line. Love has a way of growing kind of inside-out. Sam knew her heart; he knew her soul, but this meeting, this was about getting to know her body.

The cabin was perfect. Just the way Tess had described to him in so many love letters. The fire was roaring and the champagne was chilled, although he knew she would prefer Rum and Coke. Sam paced the floor waiting….enjoying….anticipating… knowing every second she was that much closer to his heart, his soul…..his body.

The snow was falling faster and beginning to thicken up. Sam could barely see the tree line out to the dirt road which was covered in a fresh layer of powered snowfall, and every second that passed it was getting harder to see.

“She should be here by now. Please, God, keep her safe!” Sam begged while he looked out the window and toyed with the idea of going to look for her.
The sun was touching the tree tops and shadows were darkening the forest. Sam could no longer wait. He tried to call…nothing. His text message went unanswered. The steadily increasing snowfall continued to haunt him as his pace turned into a frantic path from one window to the next. Shadows became darker behind the trees and Sam could no longer do nothing.
Donning his artic gear and all necessities that Sam could think of for a wintery rescue, he set out into the white darkness as quickly as his pick-up truck could take him threw the freshly fallen powder.
Panic was trying to set into his heart. Thoughts of her raced through his mind. Simple things, like the way she ties her hair back or the way she misspells even simple words when she is sleepy, but he also cursed himself, when Sam realized he didn’t even know what kind of car she drove.
“Oh Tess, Where are you!” Sam yelled out the window as he watched for signs of traffic in the snow that were not there.
He could hear her whispering in his ear, like she had done on the phone so many times before they went to bed. Her whispers began guiding him. The more he concentrated, the clearer her voice became to him.
“Sam, I need you!” He heard so unmistakably.
Fighting his tears and frustrations, and trying to focus enough to keep her thoughts inside him, Sam asked calmly,” Where are you Tess?”
“I’m cold Sam.”
Sam’s heart began to pound, he could feel her, but couldn’t see her. He could no longer contain his fears and began to scream for her. His truck creeping along the road, and his tears making his eyes useless to see with, he continued to hear her calling to him.
“Sam, please help me!”
When the truck stopped in the middle of the road, the snow began to lighten up a bit for that moment. Sam stepped out holding his head and turning in circles trying to see something….anything.
“SAM!” He heard inside his head.

“Where are you?!” Sam pleaded

“Sam, help me! I’m so cold!”

Sam, frustrated and scared, stopped screaming and fell to his knees.

“Please, God, Help me find her!” Sam yelled while sitting there on his knees in the middle of an isolated snow covered highway.

“Open your eyes, Sam.”

It was not her voice.

When Sam’s eyes opened and the tears were wiped away, he saw her. Not Tess.

“Are you an angel?” Sam asked with a shaking voice.

“She needs you, now and forever.”

A brilliant light flooded the highway as the snow began to drift and float. The air was warm for a second when Sam saw it. A car….off the road… noting but the taillights sticking out of the ditch. It didn’t take any more than that for Sam to begin running. He didn’t look back.
There, lying in the snow, and barely breathing, was his love.

“Tess! Tess, are you ok?”

She didn’t answer. Her leg was trapped by the weight of the car. Sam could see the path in the snow. He knew what had happened. After sliding off the road, Tess tried to get out, but the car slid even further when she opened the door and she was trapped in the snow, under the car.
Sam had heard about people having extreme moments of strength when somebody they love was in danger, and this was exactly one of those times he needed that much force. All the power his humanity could bring together for the love of her….for the love of what they had…and for what he knew they could have…
With a cry that would make a banshee cover her ears, Sam let out a growl as he pulled up on the unwilling car, with no luck. Tess didn’t move.
“NO!” Sam yelled as images of everything they have not shared flashed through his mind, and with another loud roar he pulled the car off of Tess and scooped her into his arms.
Her body was limp and lifeless as the clouds darkened and snow began to blanket the forest once more. Winds were blowing and howling with a new viciousness inside the weather. The drifting snow was almost blinding Sam on his way back to the cabin.
His phone not able to get any kind of signal, Sam starting running through all the first aid he had ever had.
Arriving back at the cabin, the snow is dumping down. Darkness has completely taken over inside the whiteness of the snowfall, as Sam slides Tess onto the awaiting bed in front of the fire. Tears rush down his face as he rips her wet and frozen clothes from her body.
His own breath became something he couldn’t even remember to catch, when Tess began to stir and opened her eyes for a moment. A slight smile fell over her face when she saw where she was at. Sam finished undressing her, realizing this was not the way it was supposed to be the first time he was able to hold her, but content in knowing, he will always have her to hold. Sam slid his own naked and freezing body up next to Tess under the blanket. He wrapped his arms around her as she let out a contented whimper. They lay there, just like that, while the snow continued to fall, the fire continued to pop and burn and there bodies warmed each other up. After several hours, Tess rolled over and looked into Sam’s eyes for the first time, face to face, and she simply said…

“Sam, you are my Hero.”

Sam smiled…..

“Tess, you are my Lady”

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    what a stunning, lovely little story. xx

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    Just read it again. gorgeous.

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    Beautiful! xxoo

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    Just love the way you wrote this Teri!!!!! love this!!! Congratulations!!!! huggles -
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