Tere Troya

Tere Troya

Capital Federal, Argentina

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Look what happens on the Earth NOW !

On April 22 I posted on my page of FaceB a Congrats for the Day Earth and a friend response me that is so crazy to celebrate with all the damage we are doing to the Earth and left me this link…it´s amazing !

Please show to your children too !!!

Tere xx


  • evon ski
    evon ski4 months ago

    Facsinating Tere! Thank you for sharing!! :)

  • Albert
    Albert25 days ago

    Save the planet!

  • Hi Albert ! I consider that WE must be conscious of what is happening, and try to avoid more damage, like recycling, don´t using more sprays that damage the enviroment, and so on !

    – Tere Troya

  • Albert
    Albert24 days ago

    This may seem hard to believe but if it brings world peace then watch it to the end

  • Thank you very much for the video. I’m Spanish speaking, but I understood the concept of talking this Yogi. At some points I agree but not all. Anyway thank you very much for posting this interesting video

    – Tere Troya