Tere Troya

Tere Troya

Capital Federal, Argentina

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I born and live actually in Argentina, Buenos Aires (South-America)

Since 1993 from 2001, I participated on several National and Int´l Calls on the Engrave category.

I need to live in art.



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Creative Artist of the Month ~ ASA ~ March 5, 2013
I’m completely surprised and so grateful to be selected, and to have this permanent gallery in ASA.
Thanks a lot to Tori Yule and Andrew Nawroski, they are a wonderful group hosts .

I would love you to see the page !

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A push to the NewYorkers :)

Why don´t give a help to the “Future-Transport” ? / This article is quite interesting for the New Yorkers !!! or at least I guess so… :) / http://www.eastriverskyway.com/ / Cheers !! / Tere
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Call from Denmark

It’s a very interesting International Call and the closing date is November 1-2014 / http://www.land-shape.dk/open-call/information-about-the-open-call/ / Tere
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Photographers !!! Look !!!

Hi to all ! / I´m always interested in obtain and bring information about different issues. / On this case this link helps to take photos on 360° / http://help.360cities.net/taking-panoramic-pictures/how-to-get-started / Hope you find it useful :-) / Sorry! I forgot to add the application for iPhone and iPad / http://www.360cities.net/mobile-app / Cheers! / Tere
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Music for free

I found this site a time ago to hear Music for free on my PC and the Musicians receive their profits if you want to download to your I-phone.. it´s not a pirate site And really you can found a lot of music of different years, artists, and differents genders / Super Site !!: / https://www.spotify.com / It´s available for a lot of countries: I just check and Australia and USA are included / Hope it…
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