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Bought my first camera in Cologne in 1956 whilst serving in the RAF. Been through the pipeline of film, slides and now digital. Spent many hours in total darkness to produce my images, but I have to say, the computer is a lot more user friendly. My wife (almaalice on red bubble), always hated the darkroom, so didn’t take to photography until the digital revolution. Now I have serious competition in our local club battles. I have been treasurer of the Nantwich Camera Club since 1983. We now spend most of our time organizing photographic expeditions for ourselves and playing with the results.It certainly keeps both our bodies and brains active.

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Hi Everyone. On the 1st. May, BT. disconnected our broadband in error and cannot reconnect until the 22nd. May. Apologies to you all, I can confirm that we have not left the planet.!!! Regards Brian.
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