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CATAMOUNT PROWL collaboration with vampvamp

by the talented mz vampvamp

The catamount prowl.
She wakes late in the day – it had been a long night.
Stretching lanquidly, her lithe body arching somewhat , ribs lifting and a long slow breath taken in then exhaled, a sigh escaping her soft lips, just before a pink tongue tip curls over them.
Her day begins, each part of her body meticulously attended to , groomed to perfection, smoothed, she knows what it takes to beat the young ones at the game.
Her eyes glancing down her head tilts this way , then that, she takes in her appearance, the long limbs, shapely body, slender, graceful, some might even say sylphlike, the corners of her mouth curl up ever so slightly as she peruses her form, before readying herself for the night.
‘The old Cougar’ thats what the young ones call her, a derogatory term, stereotypical ,but it isn’t what the guys say.
Oh no no .
They see her as a trophy. something to be shown off – a prize to be exhibited to their friends.
A hungry rumble low in her belly, wanton reflections from deep inside, the contemplations are reckless and unjustifiable her appetite insatiable, perhaps even voracious, she knows she can be with anyone who turns her on, being a cougar is an attitude, not a name.
It is the wisdom she knows comes with age, her own strength, and lots of lust for pleasure and sex.
The need coupled with the knowledge that no one is going to tell her what to do, and it keeps her feeling confident, sexy, attractive.
Her eyes narrow a moment .
Mmennn, she speaks it slowly.
Feeling the way her tongue presses to the roof of her mouth , and again the smile lurks on her face.
Eyes flicker to the time , and then she moves, thinking the ‘local’ would be a good place to begin her prowl, she moves slowly, practicing innately the slinking gait that lures, a bearing that is sure to tempt, a spray of her favourite perfume as she leaves.
With this so called ‘maturity’ comes boredom, she wants a break from lonliness , she is on the prowl seeking adventure and satiation for her cravings.
Her mind is hell bent this night on attracting a young man, she knows how good they are, the vigor , the vitality, and oOOH the energy levels, oh yeah… zest for life, that is what it is all about.
She knows she is a mature woman, who knows who she wants, and exactly what she wants and she knows above all she is not afraid to go out and get it.
No one notices her arrival , and basically.. .that is how she likes it.
She is the mistress of her own destiny, chooses her own time , she is in charge, she will let them know, the chosen one will know in no uncertain terms when she is ready.
The sounds, the excitement , the locals, the singing and the wispers, she hears it all.
Her eyes close slowly, then open again, she sees exactly what she wants, he is a young one, her eyes travel down his form, stopping at the interesting bits, then continuing the perusal down his body.
Then up again, eyes stopping on his strong thighs, the strength there, the slim hips, the… package.
“Yeah” her mind is made up, a fine package indeed.
Her focus travelling up his body again, stopping at the thick hard deep chest, and then lifting to that wonderful soft spot just under his ear.
Her belly tightens with want, and she stifles the vocal urge.
Her foot falls soft as she skirts the crowd eyes on every movement and yet completely fixed on him, rapt by his potency, his power , she knows the vigor of a young man like this one.
Her eyes narrow slightly, watching, the round black pupils dilate…. ‘yessss that one’.
she stills for a moment considering, watching, listening..
then slinks forward, her breath stopping for a moment, then smoothly continuing
her mind set, her body in motion , a few more steps and she will be as close as she needs,
some might call her an opportunistic predator
she shrugs the thought away..
“so what” !
she moves swiftly into range,
then bears down on him,
he looks at her…
he never even saw it coming
her teeth, perfectly adapted to grasp, clamp, tear and cut
instantly collapsing his windpipe
breaking his neck
her eyes glaze over , Oh my.. the pleasure, the heat , the gushing, it’s almost as good as sex. .
her catamount prowl.
written by tempe.

CATAMOUNT PROWL collaboration with vampvamp


Aitkenvale, Australia

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Artwork Comments

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